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Its been a while since I have posted anything here. A friend of mine took a photo of me today and I happened to be wearing my RRL denim western shirt and RRL worker cap.
Someone needs to buy this shirt. I have the same one in medium and its the nicest shirt I own. This is an amazing price too.
Its totally awesome I just have way too many shirts right now. It came with the ink mark on it. Im just selling it for what I paid.
Selling a really nice Wallace & Barnes plaid flannel shirt. Tagged as a medium 22" pit to pit 18" shoulder to shoulder 25" shoulder to cuff
Im selling a RRL selvedge grey striped workshirt. I decided that I have way too many shirts at the moment so I am getting rid of a few that I never wear. This is a great shirt. There is a small ink mark on the chest which you can see in the second photo. The shirt is in great condition otherwise. Tagged as a medium Measurements 21.5" pit to pit 18" shoulder to shoulder 25" shoulder to cuff
I saw these Wallace & Barnes pants in person yesterday and I was very surprised at how badly constructed they are. The finishing on all of the seams looks terrible. The pants look like they are falling apart straight off the rack. I understand trying to design clothing to have a vintage aesthetic but this is just ridiculous. I have a pair of pants from American Eagle that I bought for $30 with better construction and finishing than these.
A lot of the NWT original RRL on ebay is from one guy who has a collection of RRL stuff that he has been selling off over the years from what I understood. I have also read that he used to come on the forum and make racist comments or something like that.
Is there a huge difference between the Wallace and Barnes Dock Peacoat and the J. Crew Dock Peacoat besides the buttons?
If you have one to sell please let me know.
I really like that first jacket. I dont know if I could pull it off but the pockets are great.This entire look is really nice actually. I dont currently own a toggle coat. This looks like a good option.These two jackets are also nice. I was at JCrew today and saw the Ghillie jacket in person. That thing looks nice for sure. They didnt have a medium out and I didnt have time to ask to see if they had one in the back. I probably wouldn't pay $300 for it anyway but if I come...
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