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Quote: Originally Posted by franz_sanchez What type of Shoes did you purchase? What brand were the shoes? What condition were the shoes suppose to be in? I would interested to know a little bit more. I haven't had anything like this happen to me. I have bought plenty of things on Ebay and didn't have any problem. I do understand though when you do things like return an item they won't refund you the shipping price. A couple of weeks ago I sold and...
Ok wait, Im confused, you state in your signature that you dont have a lot of money to buy expensive clothes which is part of your excuse for dressing like a toolbox on acid, yet here you are posting hundreds of photos of yourself wearing different blazers, 2-piece, and 3-piece suits along with a bevy of whack ass huge knotted ties. You obviously had enough money to buy all of those suits. Why dont you just stop buying the stupid looking ones and spring for something nicer...
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy I'm not sure what happened to the original pictures. I havent used that FTP site for some time but it still should be active. I'll see if I can get them restored. In the meantime, here's from Sunday: Its incredible to think that this is a huge improvement considering its still pretty terrible, but I remember seeing those original photos and damn were they ever bad.
Today I found a pair of Bass Weejuns in my size for $4.99 and 2 days ago I picked up a mint condition Zorki 4 rangefinder with a Jupiter 8 50mm f2 lens for $40.
I love how he says you can buy the coat for $75 in the text but it has a buy it now option for $89.
My cousins last name is Moran. What does this asshole have against my cousin and his family?
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 If you don't want to change ever, you get this: Mike Jeffries, A&F CEO. I hoped I would never have to see this photo again but here it is, burning my retinas once again.
Just get the Sperrys. When I saw the title I thought you were looking to spend like $20 or something. Your price range is pretty much what Sperrys sell for. Or go find an Urban Outfitters and get the other brand they sell that look identical but cost a little less.
Just get a pair of girls jeans from almost anywhere. They are always skinnier and usually made of stretchy material so you can really size down.
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