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I have always wanted to try one of those on. I love the old USN deck jackets and a waxed cotton version would be great.
I moved everything over to one thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/401955/new-items-added-reduced-l-mega-closet-cleaning-rrl-klaxon-howl-polo-ralph-lauren-denim-supply-medium-small
Oh man I want that jacket so bad. How is the sizing?
Isn't there an entire WWII themed collection up on the website right now?
I am selling a RRL Sanders trench coat in size medium. This jacket has only been worn once. It is really amazing but its a little small in the shoulders for me. Original retail was $990USD Jacket is basically brand new with no signs of use. More info from the Ralph Lauren website: Early 1900s-inspired aviator coat crafted from heavily bonded and water-resistant cotton twill. Unlined and unfinished for a deadstock feel. Point collar. Four-button front. Buttoned shoulder...
I found the ultimate pair of "selvedge" denim at a discount store today. I laughed out loud in the store when I saw this actually.
I never went with any of the tiny hand tattoos.
Oh ok I dont think I saw that discussion so I didn't get the reference haha. I have never had any problems finding work even with my tattoos. It helps that I work as a photographer though Im sure. I am also able to cover up all the tattoos I have by wearing a long sleeve shirt.
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