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Quote: Originally Posted by meanpeoplesuck Photograph of the sleeves on a knitted sweater. Are they too short? Probably a little short, but if its knitted you should be able to damped the sleeves and stretch them out. I recently did this with my LL Bean Norwegian sweater and I added about 3-4 inches to them.
I picked up a Naked & Famous blue oxford the other day. I had to size up one to get a good fit but its a nice shirt for sure. I also picked up a pair of vintage Levi's 619s with some amazing fades from years of solid use.
Anyone have any photos of grey denim after it has been broken in and faded a bit? Its difficult to find them but I want to see what I can possibly look forward to one day with the pair I just got.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scooba Thoughts on this sweater? Looking to add a little color into my winter wardrobe since most of my sweaters are black, gray and blue. I think it looks cool. Green is a good color. It doesnt come off as too intense most of the time.
That chubby girl on the first page is kinda cute...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nyze Nothing Special How very very true
Go away troll
Quote: Originally Posted by chea5295 Hi, I would like to know what kind of boots and jeans is this guy wearing in the picture? I would like to know mostly about the boots. Does anyone know? I like that style! Thanks! Terrible jeans, and gross boots. Thats exactly what kind they are.
You need it, or you want it? I cant really see how either would really fit but hey, whatever turns the world I guess.
Just rock them the way they are they look badass.
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