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Quote: Originally Posted by Pastafarian No they tell me what women think about butts between sucking me off and rimming my bunghole. Haha yea right. Is it your favorite thing when they lick your asshole then kiss you after? Do you like the taste of your own asshole?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastafarian on the contrary son. women look at a man's butt as his engine for the power of thrusting. consciously or subconsciously. I've also been told by female friends that men who tend to have bubble butts usually are hung as well. So it is a genetic selection trait. Did you guys discuss this while braiding each others hair right after talking about the cute boys you both had crushes on? That's the...
My favorite is still the awkward photo of him riding the subway wearing that stupid looking suit. If he just wore a pair of normal socks and didnt crop is pants 3 inches too short it would be so much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by twosnapsandgo What do your dreams and vulgarisms have to do with style? Did you get lost? He's either going to get really bummed out and never come back, or get really into the forum and sign up for a new account.
Or polka dot pants. To highlight the stripes in the orphaned jacket.
Paisley pants. Just paisley pants.
Im not sure you can repair a burn in fabric. You should only be thanking your cleaning lady after she buys you a new pair of pants dude. Thats bullshit. Unless your cleaning lady is your mom, in which case, give her a break. She gave birth to you and raised you. She can fuck up once and get a free pass.
Im just insecure in my sexuality so I need to point it out right off the bat. No offence.
Just to clarify though. Im totally not gay at all. I love women. Not men. So dont think Im gay. Please. Im not. I swear.
No homo, but I dont think your butt is anything to write home about personally. Maybe you need to do some squats?
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