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Quote: Originally Posted by Nyze Nothing Special How very very true
Go away troll
Quote: Originally Posted by chea5295 Hi, I would like to know what kind of boots and jeans is this guy wearing in the picture? I would like to know mostly about the boots. Does anyone know? I like that style! Thanks! Terrible jeans, and gross boots. Thats exactly what kind they are.
You need it, or you want it? I cant really see how either would really fit but hey, whatever turns the world I guess.
Just rock them the way they are they look badass.
This idiot is gonna try to pawn off his fakes to SF members. He actually thinks there are people dumb enough on this forum to message him being like oh send me a list of what you have, I will buy your Rolex for $2000.
I took this photo yesterday at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto while shooting an event for Chevy. I liked this guys style. Its simple but it works well.
[quote=comrade;3733283] Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits \\ Open Surgeon cuffs on a camo jacket with elbow patches. The man is a freak! The jacket looks too big on him which is odd since most of his stuff is fairly tight and usually too short.
Just repair the crotch and keep on truckin dude. My Naked and Famous jeans have had the crotch repaired like 4 times. It looks like someone attacked them with a cheese grater but who is staring at your crotch anyway with general wear.
\\ denim dress pants? Im kinda into that for some reason.
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