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Or polka dot pants. To highlight the stripes in the orphaned jacket.
Paisley pants. Just paisley pants.
Im not sure you can repair a burn in fabric. You should only be thanking your cleaning lady after she buys you a new pair of pants dude. Thats bullshit. Unless your cleaning lady is your mom, in which case, give her a break. She gave birth to you and raised you. She can fuck up once and get a free pass.
Im just insecure in my sexuality so I need to point it out right off the bat. No offence.
Just to clarify though. Im totally not gay at all. I love women. Not men. So dont think Im gay. Please. Im not. I swear.
No homo, but I dont think your butt is anything to write home about personally. Maybe you need to do some squats?
The matching suit pants?
I dig this guys scarf.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sazerac I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, waiting for the monorail or whatever in Mandalay Bay to take me to a show at another hotel. Had on a very tailored navy blue checked Zegna blazer, grey trousers, a striped Paul Stuart shirt, and a solid black tie. (And pocket square, natch.) These two woman with their yard-long bong shaped daiquiris came up to me and asked if I was Italian. The idea was absurd. I'm 6'4" and...
Quote: Originally Posted by franz_sanchez What type of Shoes did you purchase? What brand were the shoes? What condition were the shoes suppose to be in? I would interested to know a little bit more. I haven't had anything like this happen to me. I have bought plenty of things on Ebay and didn't have any problem. I do understand though when you do things like return an item they won't refund you the shipping price. A couple of weeks ago I sold and...
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