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I always find it interesting that they clearly have the ability to edit out weird stuff and yet they choose to keep things like the weird shoe smelling part.
Wood trees. No wait, shoe trees. Well, they are wood. Wood trees!
This guy is the king of menswear. Cant you tell? What an amazing thread.
I have always wanted to try one of those on. I love the old USN deck jackets and a waxed cotton version would be great.
I moved everything over to one thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/401955/new-items-added-reduced-l-mega-closet-cleaning-rrl-klaxon-howl-polo-ralph-lauren-denim-supply-medium-small
Oh man I want that jacket so bad. How is the sizing?
Isn't there an entire WWII themed collection up on the website right now?
I am selling a RRL Sanders trench coat in size medium. This jacket has only been worn once. It is really amazing but its a little small in the shoulders for me. Original retail was $990USD Jacket is basically brand new with no signs of use. More info from the Ralph Lauren website: Early 1900s-inspired aviator coat crafted from heavily bonded and water-resistant cotton twill. Unlined and unfinished for a deadstock feel. Point collar. Four-button front. Buttoned shoulder...
New Posts  All Forums: