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Ive never owned a shirt long enough or worn one enough times to wear it out either. Im not even totally sure how that is possible unless you were working a construction job.
They look good with the shoes he is wearing. I think with how narrow they are if they were an inch longer they would look bad as they would start to bunch up.
I dont agree with that at all. The length looks great in the photos. Any longer and it would just start to bunch up and look like crap.
Perfect taper on those pants.
Is that directed towards my post?
A friend of mine was working on a story for Maclean's Magazine about wearing shorts with a suit jacket or blazer and she asked if I would help out by being one of the subjects. Im normally not into wearing shorts with a suit jacket but here is the results either way.
It is a constantly evolving process. I am always buying new things and selling old things.
This is my main closet. Its an Ikea wardrobe unit. Since it is currently summer here I have stored all my heavier sweaters on the top shelf. The hanging area is for all of my button down shirts. It is almost entirely Klaxon Howl, Mister Freedom, RRL, and Wallace and Barnes shirts. I have a few pairs of shorts folded below that followed by the pants rack. Below that is a drawer where I keep most of my socks and underwear as well as some bow ties and small miscellaneous...
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