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It really wasnt that cold. I grew up in a place much colder than Toronto ever gets.
I made a trek to the post office to pick up a package today. RRL watch cap RRL denim shawl jacket Gap quilted vest J. Crew urban slim fit chinos Vintage steel toe work boots
Oh for sure thats definitely the number one rule. I remember someone posted a photo of themselves the other day wearing tapered jeans saying how his friend convinced him that tapered jeans were a good idea but on his particular body they looked so off. Some people can pull off really wide leg pants, others can pull off slim pants and look totally normal.There are still visual elements that I find appealing even if its not on my body for instance that photo of the RRL suit...
I love the lapel width on the RRL suits. The general rule with lapels is that they are supposed to be half as wide as the space between the collar and the shoulder and from the looks of the photos Ive seen they are bang on. The skinny lapels are a fairly trendy thing these days but give it a few years and wider lapels will definitely be the norm.I prefer a single vent on a jacket rather than a double. Im not sure why but double vents have never worked for me. I have a...
I have dealt with that seller before. Definitely recommended.
Based on the measurements the varsity looks like it has longer arms which was my main issue with the Dixon. I cant stand it when the arms on my jackets are too short.
my god its everything I wish the Dixon was. The main thing being that the sleeve length is what I would need it to be. Shit, now I want one even more.
I like the fleece for sure. I really want to see the varsity in person to try it on before buying so I dont have the same experience as with the Dixon. Does anyone have measurements for the medium?
When I first saw the lightning bolt jacket my first thought was oh great and just after I got the Dixon. I guess now that I don't have the Dixon I can look into getting that one.
I spent a little while searching through this Japanese website I found tonight saving all the RRL product photos. I posted a lot of them on my blog which you can check out here http://workingtodeath.tumblr.com Here is a sample of what you will see I have one of these coming this week. Sanders Trench. I got one of these a few weeks ago but it has been too cold to wear it. Its so stiff I can literally stand it up on its own. There are just way too many good...
New Posts  All Forums: