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I have dealt with that seller before. Definitely recommended.
Based on the measurements the varsity looks like it has longer arms which was my main issue with the Dixon. I cant stand it when the arms on my jackets are too short.
my god its everything I wish the Dixon was. The main thing being that the sleeve length is what I would need it to be. Shit, now I want one even more.
I like the fleece for sure. I really want to see the varsity in person to try it on before buying so I dont have the same experience as with the Dixon. Does anyone have measurements for the medium?
When I first saw the lightning bolt jacket my first thought was oh great and just after I got the Dixon. I guess now that I don't have the Dixon I can look into getting that one.
I spent a little while searching through this Japanese website I found tonight saving all the RRL product photos. I posted a lot of them on my blog which you can check out here http://workingtodeath.tumblr.com Here is a sample of what you will see I have one of these coming this week. Sanders Trench. I got one of these a few weeks ago but it has been too cold to wear it. Its so stiff I can literally stand it up on its own. There are just way too many good...
Since I sold my Dixon last night and I had money burning a hole in my PayPal account, I couldn't help myself and had to buy this Dauntless jacket on ebay. I really hope the fit works for me. The details on this thing look amazing. http://workingtodeath.tumblr.com/post/75534037142/rrl-dauntless-jacket-lightweight-winter-coat
Thats an amazing jacket man. What model is it?
Such a nice jacket. Wish it was medium.
Yea I really liked the look of those. I have a couple RRL westerns but none of them have the sawtooth pockets like this one which is the other part of what I liked about it. As long as it fits like my other Wallace and Barnes shirts Ill be set.
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