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Hey I have entered a photo contest and I need to get people to visit the following Facebook link and "like" my portrait of Drake. I have 4 other images in the contest as well. It would really help me out. Click THIS LINK to visit the Facebook page to "like" the image. It takes 2 seconds! Thanks in advance.
Very strange.
Can you remove the bottom portion from the denim part and flip it around? Im not sure if you can bend the metal outwards to pull the bottom part off then flip it around and bend it back.
I have a pair of white jeans. I wear them like they are regular denim and I let them get nice and dirty.
Dammit I wish this was a medium. I love this jacket.
Thanks for the info. I get complimented on my Redwings and I gave up correcting people because it happens so often.
This is the closest thing to a label I can find.
I have no idea what a Thorogood is haha. Would there be any identifying markers? How much do those boots retail for?
I took these photos the day I got them a few years ago.http://workingtodeath.tumblr.com/post/26025669299/these-are-the-boots-i-have-been-wearing-a-lotI remember looking for any kind of branding and there does not appear to be any. I got them for a really good price and they have held up better than any of my other boots including my Katahdin Iron Works boots from LL bean which I actually have to send back soon because they started to fall apart inside at the back of the heel.
I made a trek to the post office to pick up a package today. RRL watch cap RRL denim shawl jacket Gap quilted vest Wallace & Barnes denim work shirt J. Crew urban slim fit chinos Vintage steel toe work boots
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