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I have two other RRL westerns that fit me perfectly in medium. I knew it would be a bit slim but I definitely wasnt expecting it to fit this small. It is actually an entire size off. Its 20" pit to pit.
Selling a brand new with tags RRL plaid western shirt. I just received this in the mail and found out that it fits like a small rather than a medium. It measures 20" pit to pit. It is a really amazing shirt and I wish it fit me but its just way too small. Ended up mailing it back to the original seller for a refund.
Selling a brand new without tags RRL red chambray Jackrabbit workshirt in size medium. Shirt fits a bit slimmer than most RRL shirts especially in the body. I got it from a fellow styleforum member. Measures 21" pit to pit.
Im really starting to understand why RRL was never allowed to be sold online before. The sizing from item to item is so all over the place. I just got this awesome western shirt in the mail today in size medium and it is the slimmest fitting shirt I have ever tried on. It fits like a small with longer arms. I dont understand why they didnt just use the same pattern as the denim westerns I have. Anyway, this is up for grabs at cost if anyone is interested.
If they just lowered their prices and stopped doing 40% off everything in the store sales every 2 weeks they could probably turn a much higher profit. They have just conditioned their customers to not want to pay full price when they know its going to drop by a huge amount not long afterwards. Sometimes I will just buy something at full price then hang onto it until they do a 40% off sale then I bring it back and get a price adjustment. I would feel quite silly paying an...
Anyone looking to buy this quilted buffalo shirt jacket in medium for a good price? I got it from a forum member and it fits a bit larger than I was hoping it would. I may still be able to mail it back to him and have it returned to the store depending on how long its been since he bought it but I wont know until tomorrow so I figured I would put it out there just in case anyone else was looking to grab it. Im taking a pretty big loss on shipping with this thing but its...
For sale is a brand new with tags RRL Double RL Wool/Nylon Quilted Shirt Jacket in size medium. This is a really amazing piece from this past season that retailed for $395 plus taxes. It is meant to be worn as a light jacket over another shirt or sweater. This really is a great piece that I got from another forum member. it just fits a little big larger than I was hoping it would be. Im taking a bit of a loss on shipping with this thing but I figure Im better off losing...
These are also really nice.
This looks quite promising.
I had ordered that jacket when it went on sale at one point and I was very unimpressed when it arrived. I think at the time it came out to about $220 and I sent it back right away. It might be worth it if it has been discounted even further. I just felt like for $250 I can probably find a much nicer jacket with better details.
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