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I have that same flannel. I wore it today. It definitely fit quite slim through the shoulders but it seems to have loosened up a bit now. I really like it a lot. It looks way better in person than it does in photos.
I love how every 50 or so pages in this thread someone starts bashing the ebay sellers as if they are personally offended by the fact that they are able to buy those things for less than they are selling them. Why not go to the Ralph Lauren stores and start shitting all over them for paying less than retail then having the audacity to try to make a profit? Here is how I see it. If I see something for sale at a low price, and I believe someone would be willing to pay a...
I got my sawtooth chambray western in the mail yesterday. The colour is way better than what the photo on the JCrew website showed. Its a lot closer to this colour.
I just got this anchor sweatshirt in today and it fits way too slim for me which is what I feared when I purchased it. Its tagged as a medium but it fits more like a small. If anyone is interested in buying it for what I paid hit me up.
I got a medium. It fits true to size for any other regular fit jacket Ive owned. I dont think I would be able to really comfortably fit into a small.
I finally got the Dauntless jacket yesterday. The fit is awesome. Exactly what I needed. I can easily wear it with a sweatshirt or a light to mid weight sweater underneath. Sleeves are a great length for me as well. I love the older fits of RRL. I really wish they didn't start making everything so slim for the new seasons. Ill post a fit pic soon. The quality is really quite nice. It looks so much better in person than the RRL product photos from the website. They really...
I love that motorcycle sweater.
I picked this up on ebay and it should be here this week. It could be the coolest thing ever, or the stupidest sweatshirt Ive ever owned depending on how it looks in person vs this bad photo.
According to the measurements it is 3.4" wide which is perfect for me. I dont mind 3.25" ties but anything narrower and I feel like Im wearing a shoe lace. Anything wider than 3.5" feels like Im wearing a scarf though. All of the ties I currently wear are between 3.25"-3.5" wide.
New Posts  All Forums: