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I live down the street from the store that makes United. I can check if they have one at the store still if you let me know your size.
I can help. I live in Toronto. Message me.
The Gap had a really nice shawl collar fleece indigo cardigan I got last season. Its not on their site anymore though. They did a whole indigo collection that wasnt at all back. I got a crew neck sweatshirt, and a henley as well. Usually the Gap is pure trash but I was killing time one day and happened to see it.
Thats good to know. I want to be able to wear it over a few layers so that should work out well for me then. The repro WWII one I just sold measured about 21" in the chest and it was a bit too small to wear with anything other than a simple button down underneath.
It is 78% cotton and 22% acrylic.
The only good thing about Denim & Supply is that they actually sell it here in Toronto and it usually goes on sale at prices much lower than retail. Almost everything they make is really badly distressed in the worst way possible but every season they seem to put out one or two really nice pieces. I recently bought this red/orange shawl collar cable knit sweater along with the indigo striped shirt. They were the only pieces that didnt have tattered American flags sewn all...
Looking through his stuff I came across this Denim & Supply shirt. I have this same one and I definitely recommend it. It has no distressing or crappy sewn on patches and all the other garbage thats usually on Denim & Supply shirts. Its just a very simple clean indigo dyed striped work shirt. It fits pretty true to size as well.
He just had an amazing striped vest in medium and an hour later it was sold. Definitely gotta save this guy and check back often.
They said the p2p on the medium was 22" which should be fine as long as it doesnt slim way down in the body. Im pretty sure this is from a few years ago though so it should be ok. I have the khaki pleated denim jacket in medium and the fit is perfect for me and I believe its from around the same time. Its mostly only the really recent RRL stuff I find fits way too slim.Its perfect timing because I just sold my repro WWII shawl collar denim jacket that this one is based off...
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