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If you have one to sell please let me know.
I really like that first jacket. I dont know if I could pull it off but the pockets are great.This entire look is really nice actually. I dont currently own a toggle coat. This looks like a good option.These two jackets are also nice. I was at JCrew today and saw the Ghillie jacket in person. That thing looks nice for sure. They didnt have a medium out and I didnt have time to ask to see if they had one in the back. I probably wouldn't pay $300 for it anyway but if I come...
Anyone own the wool/leather Donkey jacket from last year? I picked one up on ebay and I am curious about how it fits compared to the Skiff jacket. They look almost the same only the Donkey has leather panels.
Sorry for the double post.
I really like the look of that polka dot jacket. Hows the fit on that?
Selling an almost new RRL merino wool half zip motorcycle sweater. It is tagged as a size medium. I love this sweater but it fits a bit too slim for me. It has only been worn once for a few hours. Asking $250 shipped to North America. Retails for $400
Hey guys, if you are going to continue arguing about the societal merits of doctors vs. RRL resellers, can you please just start a new thread? Maybe the title can be "The Official Useless Discussion Thread"
I was almost certain that would be the first suggestion and I was going to mention in my original post that I dont think hes wearing magnetic stays. His collar doesnt look super rigid like when you wear a collar stay. There is a shot in episode 7 where it almost looks like a button but it doesnt really look like any kind of a button down when he has the collar buttoned up and his tie on.
I was watching House of Cards tonight and I noticed in episode 6 and 7 there is a scene where Frank has his collar unbuttoned and his tie removed and his collar stays in place at the points as if it was a button down shirt but there are no buttons. I was wondering if anyone has seen this and knows what type of collar it is that he is wearing. I assume its some kind of hidden button down but I figured I would put it out there to see if anyone knows for sure.
I cant believe you guys got back onto the conversation of bitching about resellers. If something ended up at an outlet, that means it was on sale for so long that they had to physically remove it from the store and place it elsewhere. You had every opportunity to buy it at full price, and just as much opportunity to buy it at the first round of sales, and just as much opportunity at the second and third round of sales. These guys who resell this shit aren't waiting...
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