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I own a few Mister Freedom pieces. They are pretty nice but they come with a whole other set of weird fit issues really. If you look at the measurements on their website their fits are also all over the place. A lot of their older stuff really stood out and had a great distinct look but these days it seems like they are just making the exact same shirt with ugly square pockets in 50 different fabrics. Even though the retail prices of RRL are close to MF I dont consider...
Lets be totally honest here man. RRL doesn't fit any different from JCrew. At least JCrew is consistent with their fits. RRL makes shit that is all over the board when it comes to sizing. Ive seen medium shirts that fit like XL and I personally own an XL from RRL that fits like a medium. Their build quality isn't anything special either. They have switched to having it all made in China to cut costs and it shows in their recent seasons for sure. Not trying to be a total...
Selling a pair of lightly worn snuff suede Alden Indy boots tagged size 10.5 in the Barrie last. They have been worn only a handful of times and are still in excellent condition with only a few minor scuffs.
Thats what I found on Wikipedia when I looked it up this morning.
I found this the other day. Im not too sure about this brand but it is in excellent condition and is a size 38 so I figured I wouldn't have too much trouble finding a buyer for it.
Isn't that just the way inflation works?
I managed to get in 7.5 miles today. Im pretty sore but it felt good.
I ran for 6 miles today. I have been running on a treadmill every day for the past few weeks and today was my first outdoor run in a long time. It felt a lot better to run outdoors so I think Im going to do that more often. I plan on beating my distance tomorrow for sure.
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