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^ hahaha funny stuff... i would stand by someones opinion who already had the chance to try out and wear mjks garments rather than someone who didnt... i haven't bought any of mjk's stuff but I intend to this winter. i personally love the jacket... great timeless taste to it, probably can be worn for many more seasons when is the flannel going to come out again? any specific time period and what's the price point?
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell We are using a different swiss-made flannel that is very, very nice. We are offering the hoodie in gray and black, but they will have the same lining. The gray hoodies will be going up sooner than the black ones because we are waiting on the black fabric... Hey, any idea when you'll start selling these? sounds great, thanks
pics would be awesome i have brown suede ones... they're okay but theyre just a hassle to keep clean the beeswax brown looks very interesting. please put up some more pics. anyone know where i can find a sz 8?
diorshoe: a little too expensive for my budget, since it will probably be an occasional shoe, and i'd rather not make a huge investment before i know what i really like any other recommendations? great thread btw
any quick recommendations for a college freshman looking for regular black dress shoes? i've been looking out for park avenues, and allen edmonds, but i don't know enough about dress shoes to really know the 'quality, timeless' brands im a true size 8.5/9 D, so any ebay links would be awesome. used for concerts or presentations with just regular pants and dress shirts looking for 130 or under, since it would just be an occasional shoe ( i know theres some steals out...
how low will you go for the boots ? and is it a true fit? im basically a true 8.5, haven't had a pair of AE yets thanks
I also have some questions about Incotex... I know that the brand is known for its 'tapered' khakis and pants, but what is the true measurements of the length of the hems? Or does it differ greatly from model to model? I'm also wondering if it's really worth >100... anybody have any pictures wearing it and utilizing it any outfits? I'm curious. (if anyone can pick up a pair for me, that would be awesome... of course ill be paying shipping and maybe a small fee for...
Would the brown suede boots be okay if they are coupled with some trousers in a more serious environment? (interning at an office) How's the comfort on these... any other pictures with them on other than the ones only on page 3? Interested to see how these would look with trousers... It's advisable to go a half-size down with these, correct? Thanks
Thanks for all the feedback guys. After looking at those Carmina shoes, I really want a pair badly but I don't really think I can justify the price tag of 300+ and so. The captoe looks really nice though, and goes for the shoe I'm looking for. Thanks for the subtle differences that will make a shoe more casual rather than formal LA Guy.. very useful. I guess I'll still be scouring on eBay to find the perfect shoes... thanks all!
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