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has anyone had experience/known someone who's tried cosmetic dentistry? i might consider getting two teeth fixed, haven't had an appointment yet though
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt it works intermittently, depending largely on your ISP.In my office I have dicked around with the DNS settings and it is always OK, but if my internet in the office cuts out, and I use the neighbor's wifi, it never works. At my house, it is generally OK, some occasional outages. Facebook Lite always works. Quick question, Matt. Not intending to offend you at all, but what is the motivation behind...
Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 Hmm, why are moles considered unattractive? I know that they are...but why? Very philosophically intriguing. not really. same as having a wall painted one concrete color... if there are wrinkles, blemishes, or defects, it obviously ruins the nature of being aesthetically pleasing (being pure). apply it to skin... that's why we don't like pimples, moles, or unsightly scars. on the other hand, i do...
jacket sell? pics are down. if not pm me... price negotiable? quite high.
so looked around through the posts of the last month or so, and couldn't find the information that i was looking for. does anyone know where i can buy beeswax/ any kind of leather desert boots? i know that zappos had them a while ago, but it seems that they have now run out of stock. not really looking for a uk site where i have to get them shipped from out of the states. looking for something like this: (on sufu's clark thread)...
hi, i'm interested in the bomber but is that one in the picture the same as the one on the website? the one you have pictured seems to be all solid dark navy opposed to the dual color scheme in the website. thanks
Not my style. $130 including shipping, same what I paid for. let me know
somethign like this http://www.aspinaloflondon.com/eshop...espresso-suede shoot me a pm
Very quick request to you all whom are very well dressed: Does anyone have past pictures wearing Red Wing 875s? I'm considering buying them, but feel that only jeans and a tee would work with the shoes. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by krn.nyc Just received my APC New Standards from Mauro. I bought one two years ago at size 29 (my true waist is 31) and it is now a perfect slouched fit that I love. This time around, I got a size 28. Very suprised to find the denim has become suprisingly much more softer than I got originally a while back. It's also has much more grey tones to it than normal. In addition, I didn't have to suck in all that hard while buttoning...
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