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Does anybody know the intricate differences between the 3sixteen+21BSP and the ST-100x? I opted for the 3sixteen+21BSP and while they seem like fine jeans, they are not as tapered as I'd imagined them to be. Were they built off the same silhouette as the ST? I hope they don't stretch as I get more wear on them. Other than that, the denim looks like it'll break in nicely. I was told that these unsanforized jeans were made in the same mills as Samurais. Any other info about...
To 256 owners, do you find this true?Thanks!
I've just finished up school and am now exploring the tech/start-up industry now (a.k.a entrepreneurial endeavor) so my requirements are pretty flexible. I just need something that's versatile, durable and comfortable- and preferably not ugly. I thought the rucksack might fit the description.The briefcase seems great but I've always had some shoulder problems with messengers and it doesn't seem as grab-and-go as the rucksack. Maybe I'll get a Filson briefcase further down...
Aside from Crane's, are there any ongoing sales in which the Filson rucksack can be had for a good price? Also- any recommendations on whether to go with the tan or green? How comfortable is the bag itself?
Got an offer for $300. Any other takers? These will be available until I declare them sold so feel free to PM me if you've dug this up in the archives... New pictures are added in the original post.
Still up for sale.
SOLD SOLD SOLD Barker Black Wolfe Bone Bit Loafers COLOR: Antique honey SIZE: 7.5 Ordered from Gilt quite a while ago. Not quite my style so it immediately went to the closet. Brand new, only tried on once and then went back into the box. I am a true size 8.5 and I fit well in these. Checked on the past e-mail and I paid $350 for it. Testing the waters, I'll let it go for SOLD SOLD SOLD ... I saw a someone in a similar situation and he sold it for the Gilt's sale...
best place to buy apc ns at this moment? in terms of customer service and deepest discount.... i've used context, db, and azaleia in the past but all of those past prices with the sf code seem to have been expired. thanks!
has anyone had experience/known someone who's tried cosmetic dentistry? i might consider getting two teeth fixed, haven't had an appointment yet though
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt it works intermittently, depending largely on your ISP.In my office I have dicked around with the DNS settings and it is always OK, but if my internet in the office cuts out, and I use the neighbor's wifi, it never works. At my house, it is generally OK, some occasional outages. Facebook Lite always works. Quick question, Matt. Not intending to offend you at all, but what is the motivation behind...
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