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I was never quite a fan of the model. If I were to create an online e-commerce business, I would focus on making a product of such high-quality that my potential consumers would come back on their own to fulfill it. Having the option to subscribe than depending entirely on a subscription model is different, and I much prefer the former- both as a consumer and a producer. The advantages are clear: consistent revenue from a dependable number of customers, positive brand...
Try wix.com
Still available, PM me if you want more pics
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
I have a friend who has logged over millions of air miles and is constantly on the road. He currently lugs around a Tumi nylon ballistic briefcase which is way too small. When he squeezes in numerous booklets, pamphlets and other random items, it looks as if it's about to burst while heaving it around. I'd like to get him a nice briefcase. Something extremely light but durable enough to withstand all his traveling. Flexible and spacious would also be great. I believe...
Please check my other thread as I cluttered this one with replies (didn't see the bump function). http://www.styleforum.net/t/329255/for-sale-or-trade-alden-indy-405-8d-classic
I recently picked up a pair of new Indys from an SF-er abroad. After lacing them up, I've accepted the fact that they will stretch out and become too big (even with another insole). I've tried the right shoe on once. Knowing the strict Alden return policy, are there any options in trying to get it swapped for a smaller size? I know I can't break the last but I think I have slightly creased the inner side of the boot. I will go to the NYC store once I return and figure out...
Thank you. Seems like a $50 difference, give or take.
Where should I go in Tokyo to find said amazing deals? Quality matters, brand not as much.I'm a fan of Flathead; is it cheaper in Tokyo relative to Selfedge and where should I go? The yen-$ is awful... it's currently 80Y-1USD.Thanks!
has anyone had experience with their backpack in the rain? i'd like to wax mine as it looks like it'll get handled during a downpour... if anyone has experience waxing the bag, or waxing canvas in general, it'd be greatly appreciated
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