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Still available but trying to get rid of them as soon as I can. Please contact me if you are interested.
Hi all, Without paying money, what is the best channel to get people to fill out your survey? Not sure how I feel about blasting it off to e-mail lists. Considering going to industry-related events and asking people to fill it out on my iPad. As for survey tools, I can recommend SurveyMonkey as a good tool that's flexible with question logic. Others have recommended aytm.com for targeting various demographics. Lastly, if you're willing to help out an entrepreneur, it'd...
Thanks for that info. I guess I will also need to go to the AE store to check my sizing.Apologies about the mixing up. I'd just bought Indy's a while back and I've been having problems with both in sizing.
Some people mentioned on my earlier post that these shoes were "bowing." I have no idea what this means as I thought I had just bought my incorrect shoe size (it was a little painful to walk due to the narrow width). Can someone kindly explain this? Will AE be able to help me in this case?
damn it, wrong thread! sorry about that (i used AE's sizing guide btw, brain fail)
After purchasing the boots, I tried the right side on once (thus the slight crease on inner side). Other than that, they are absolutely brand new. I am looking for a size 7.5D, may consider a 7. Price is $350+shipping (extremely firm as I'm losing money on these). Meetup in NYC preferred. Thanks-
take these from me
have gotten some interesting offers recently, msg me if you're interested
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