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Amazing is a broad term. I should have narrowed it down. Functional may be a better word. Unfortunately, most functional dress shoes today (orthopedics, etc.) leave a lot to be desired in the looks.
@pocketsquareguy Which Bontoni shoe is your favorite out of the box? Do you think they're just as comfortable as athletic shoes (Nike's, etc.) after enough wears or are they just an entirely different feel?
Hi all, Thanks very much for the great feedback thus far. I've edited the original post with some of your suggestions. As mentioned, this is for a design project. While the stated case of commuting from Brooklyn to NYC () might not be realistic, this is a case made extreme on purpose: my thinking is that if the shoes can stand this test, it'd likely be a pretty amazing pair of shoes to have in your arsenal, despite whether or not you'll be walking all those...
Let's say you had to walk from Brooklyn to NYC everyday (a 3.5-4 hour walk on concrete). What features would you need to see in a dress shoe so that your feet don't shrivel and die? Below are possible elements that might work. Incorporating ideas from athletic shoes can go a long way but likely requires a balance: My Initial Thoughts (1/29/15) - lightweight high quality leather - rubber sole (crepe gets slippery in rain or snow) - memory foam insole - vents for...
Hi Twotone, thanks for the response. Were they comfortable out of the box, or did it take time to break in? While Ecco shoes are great comfort-wise, I feel they leave a lot to be desired in terms of the silhouette of the shoes. Is there a reason why Alden doesn't make a shoe with rubber soles?
Hi, I'm in the market for some really comfortable dress shoes as I travel abroad often and am on my feet during trade shows. I need them to be contemporary and compatible with a suit, while hopefully having the comfort of something like an orthopedic shoe. I'd go orthopedic but find many of the shoes ugly. Any recommendations would be sincerely appreciated. As an aside, I'm also just curious how comfortable your dress shoes currently are and whether comfort is an...
both still available
Whoops I meant these are still up
BOth still available!
New Posts  All Forums: