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Most certainty a repost .. but the BBC documentary "A History of Syria" is worth a watch.
One thing I worry about .. is seemingly deliberate placement of trip hazards. My girlfriend used a large ceramic plant pot as a door stop .. wtf? Obviously I knocked that over and broke it. It was just a matter of time.She also has these pair of metal standing bird garden ornament things that I seemed to knock over on a daily basis.Long story short .. If all you are after is furniture .. a woman shouldn't be too bad for picking out a couch, or table. It's all the other...
Man, that's tough .. where you evacuated? Up until October, I was living at 4th st and 15 ave sw .. Definitely would have been evacuated, and my basement apartment likely flooded.It's great to see the water receding so quickly though. Was out on the Deerfoot yesterday, and it still looked like a warzone, but this morning - water levels in some spots have dropped 4-5 feet.
City I live in has been under a state of Emergency for a couple days now. 75,000 people evacuated - only 1,500 ended up in emergency shelters, all else found refuge with friends. The City Center lies at the confluence of two major rivers, both of which have spilled their banks and flooding homes. Lots of beautiful old (100+ years) houses being destroyed. My house is fine - one of the perks...
Move the same way on rollerblades as you do on regular ice-skates. Goalies don't slide much on their skates - mostly side-to-side movement is done by 'pivoting' (sharp c-cuts) or sliding on the pads. Sliding side-to-side on the pads tho .. would be interesting on pavement.
I picked the Kings last year .. and cleaned up in my playoff pools. This year, I went with the Isles. Even if they can make it out of the first round, I'll be in the money.Isles are playing some great hockey. Making for some good playoff watching.
wrong thread.
I don't even know where my office snail mail-box is.
+60 = 20401
Seeing this post .. I decided to download and watch the Avengers.Thought it was pretty entertaining. Definitely a cookie-cutter Marvel / Super Hero movie .. so absolutely nothing special about it. Which, makes it hard to hate.
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