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Quote: Originally Posted by kiya You're in disbelief that Christophe, which is a celebrity in the fashion world beyond message boards, has donated his work to the RED foundation to raise money for AIDS research? Has nothing to do with Kiya, just the fact that his designs were on The Don't twist my words into something else. It is obviously for a good cause.
Yeah, my head still hasn't stopped shaking in disbelieve.
Mister Freedom for The Gap.
Quote: Originally Posted by arsenik509 i have no problem paying more money for higher end gear, but this is rediculous. i also have the thought that i don't really give a shit what people spend their money on. but being in the navy and seeing this made me chuckle. the fashion world has been biting navy style for years though. Happened to run by this thread today and guess what I just got from the ACL shop? You say that you don't give a shit...
Had the same issues with the sleeves. I just got one off of ebay and had to have the sleeves shortened. Really couldn't believe how long they were.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip_H_Style Well, all I got was that their prices are "volatile" so order when you can. How in the world are we supposed to know when prices are going to magically jump 30%!? I love their stuff, but this was a JCrew fail. Brassmonkeyart, Did you see it in the actual print catalog for $98? Yes, absolutely.
Just fyi. I ordered my jacket from a red phone and the price was listed at $138 but told her that I saw it in the catalog for $98 and they adjusted the price. I am sure they will do the same.
I got the fleece deck jacket today. I was expecting something a little heartier than I received. It is more like a fleece sweatshirt than a traditional fleece jacket. Quote from my wife, "I know that probably was expensive, but that fabric doesn't look it." Probably going back, even though I love the detailing on it.
I am looking for the Cambridge pants in either red or navy linen in either size 34 or 36. Already checked the retailers listed and either sold out or not my size. If anyone can help me with my quest I would appreciate it.
Ordered a pair of the Fatigue pants from Gary today. I am sure you guys all know this already, but I just wanted to comment on what a class act he is. Gave me a call back to give some suggestions on care once they arrive. Someone that truly understands how to deal with his customers. Thanks Gary!
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