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There are some great deals, but unfortunately I am Canadian and our currency is worth very little nowadays.
I know I am resurrecting this thread, but I think it is still relevant today. I want to order a pair of Paraboot Avignon, but I live in a city without a store that sells them. I hope someone with Paraboot experience can help me out. I am 8.5FUK in most English shoes (Church's 178 last, Church's 138 last, Cheaney 173 last, Grenson G1 Chancery 23 last etc etc.) However, I am a size 8 in a lot of Italian blake-stitched shoes, and a size 9.5E in a Allen Edmond model (I...
More drops and "JUSTINTIME" The frenzy has began.
http://www.yoox.com/us/49133698NI/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=49133698NI&sizeId=3 This is not bad for a size EU48 at $370. Too bad I don't need it.
Someone should buy all these: http://www.yoox.com/ca/men/shoponline/u.s.polo%20assn._d#/d=12017&dept=men&gender=U&page=1&season=X&sort=4 What an amazon deal!!! Or you can get them here... http://www.uspoloassn.com/categories/men Seriously, are they serious?
Btw, I visited a J.Crew store. The shoes are labelled "Benchmade in China." It is annoying that online stores do not give information on the origin of the manufacturer. They should be ok deal at 50% off the MSRP. It's interesting that they talk about components made in Italy and components made in the US, but they forget to talk about the finished product made in China.
How is sizing compared to other brands? I am usually a UK sized 8.5F and US sized 9.5D. Thank you.
I have a pair and they are well-made shoes and good value for the price. For sizing, I find them a little big. I am usually a US 9.5, and my Franco Cimadamore, which fits well, is 42.
Jader, For $125, they are pretty good deals! Can you help us out by describing the sizing? How do they compare to other brand sizes? Thanks.
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