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bulldog gin
does anyone actually like stuffed shells?
take mashed potatoes. add tuna and some scallions. form them into patties and fry in a pan with butter until the outsides are brown. serve with either a spicy mayonaise or dijon mustard.
where in providence? i went to college there.
jameson, papa
do make your own bbq pork sammiches. make three different kinds of cole slaw
got a 4lb pork butt roast marinating in the fridge in a chimichurri sauce i made. i want to roast this in the oven. should i wrap the whole pan in foil and cover it for part of the roast? i was thinking 2 hours covered with foil then add potatoes and onions to the pan, roast covered for one hour and then uncover for last hour. all at around 350 degrees. what do you guys think?
strip club cigar shop
beautiful. i lived in spain for about 9 months, 3 of those spent in a home that had a leg in the kitchen like that. they covered it with a towel and sliced off little bits to snack on or for sandwhiches. it was incredible.
ed a soldier. he is going to win, as long as it is accordance with god's will.
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