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^ those look great. i've been looking for a good pair of stonewashed denim. are they selvedge?
try urban outfitters sale section. cheap henleys are, however, cheap..
Quote: Originally Posted by pendragon Economics 101. A market price is defined as the price at which a willing buyer & willing seller complete a transaction. That's what happened. Any other price is hypothetical. And this internet marketplace allows for minimal information asymmetry.
I'm going to stick with levis 511 if you're looking for a slim fit and that's your budget... 510 is too skinny and 514 "slim-straight" fits like a straight leg.
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Cheap in price is OK. long as it'll last a summer or two, I guess. Thanks! I'll check them out. I found some linen pants at the levis store on sale for $25 (priced at like $90). I thought they fit great, but I can't seem to find them online, so if you're near a levis store, go check it out.
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The geller tee fits well. I think you should keep it
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