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I hope this is the appropriate sub-forum to post in because unless their is a reasonable offer, I only want to consider trading this item for something similar in size 8 or 8.5C. I wore these for a week and as the shoe started to break in, I realized I might be in between sizes, so I'd like to try an 8 or 8.5C if there is anyone out there that would like to trade with mine. The condition of mine is still pristine; I wasn't wearing them hard. Please PM if interested. Again,...
anyone want to trade? i got a 8.5D blucher in brown chromexcel leather. looking for an 8. PM me
Someone buy those boots at that good price. I'm trying to stop myself..
Shit, my size. Wish these were the brown ones
Dropped to $75. These have only been used a few times for interviewing. Not much wear on them.
my sperrys have lasted me 3 years now and i use them as my beater boat shoes. just go with those
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr Okay, I bought something off sufu more than a month ago. Paid by gift because the seller insisted and I really wanted it. It's been more than a month and the item hasn't arrived. Seller hasn't been responding either. I paid for express shipping (located outside the States) but the last time the seller responded, he apparently forgot about express and sent it via priority, he then apologized and refunded me the extra I...
No but I think they're offering up to 40% off in their "archive" store which I think means their clearance section..
what's your waist size? i'm 5'8 155lbs and fit into a 27 with a good squeeze
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