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Added Kenneth Cole New York Suit
Added some suits I have no use for. Take these off my hands. Tried to price to sell asap, but please PM me any offers.
what's the best way to get rid of $100 of Gilt credit? everything on it sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by nakokoro No, it can be done with seam rippers i usually do this with levis but i cant imagine what the nudies will end up looking with all that stitching. i'd be curious to see if anyone has any experiece doing this
Even in soho, I find it hard to find clothing that doesn't balloon out in the waist area and make my greek god athletic figure not stand out
Well, you're jogging, and alpha males don't jog as an exercise, so #1 is out of the question. Why is she running with you? What vibe do you get? Does she just want to get a good workout or does she seem interested in you? If the former, just set the pace by running a couple feet ahead occasionally slowing down in case she hits her threshold. If the later, run next to her and chat a little but not too much to the point where it's distracting the run.
Drop to $70 shipped.
i've used american crew pomade for yeas and works nicely
i guess the other option, then, is to indulge and then throw up.
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