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Would be interested if there was a top button. How much would it be to get that fixed? Also, what is the inseam
loled @ express
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum check out calvin klein in any tjmaxx, filene's basement, etc. i think i kind of prefer them to hanes. hanes sleeves are a little too loose imo uniqlo is a bit too boxy and short. same with muji. and h&m v-necks are way too sheer. same with urban outfitters. UO plain t-shirts used to be good quality. I have some from YEARS ago that still fit me perfectly and they're my favorite t-shirts. The ones they...
I have the Canada Goose Chateau and it keeps me warm enough just to wear a t-shirt under and it fits well
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Did you measure them BiG style like this? If so, that looks like a super-slim low-rise boot-cut or even bell bottom. 32 waist with a 10" thigh? 7" knee and 8" hem? Wow. Not sure I've ever seen a combination like that. thanks. i measured A LITTLE wrong. these are what the new measurements are using that method Waist: 32 Front Rise: 9 Back Rise: 12 Upper Thigh: 11 Knee: 7 Leg Opening:...
I have these jeans These are measurements I took 32 inch waist 8 inch rise 10 inch thigh 7 inch knee 8 inch leg opening 31 inch inseam any similar cuts?
anybody know the sizes of sebagos in relation to sperry top-sider AO's? do they run bigger, smaller, or the same?
Alright. I like my shirts snug on the chest so I will go for medium and get it tailored if necessary. Thanks all.
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