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what location is this? i have a couple of friends working there
Kind of a noob question here, but does anyone have any experience in the procedure of taking in a pair of jeans to get tapered? I have a pair of nudie bootcuts that I want to turn basically into straight leg fit. Do I just tell the tailor what size I want the hem? For reference, my jeans are 7" at the knee and 8" at the hem. I'd like it to be 7" straight down from the knee to the hem. Is this feasible for a tailor to understand and do?
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Someone tried to tell me that you're not supposed to rub the splinters off because the rough surfaces make it easier for the chopsticks to grab the food. I'm skeptical. That's not the reason. Rubbing chopsticks together is considered bad table manner.
I hate wearing boxer briefs but I also hate wearing boxers that balloon out of my pants. so I'm on the look out for some woven slim-fit boxer shorts if those even exist. anyone have any suggestions?
let the 38R go
Quote: Originally Posted by click here I got the 3sixteen sl-200x (black denim) about 3 months ago and have been wearing them about 2 times per week. Do they stretch? Because they are still very tight! Would washing them help? Wear them more often
I'm still trying to sell these jeans: Nudie Dry Black Coated in good condition Size 29W 34L PM me with an offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr_rugged received obey jeans. thanks! Great! enjoy.. Drop
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash Hate those date bubbles. On another note.....going to NYC in a couple weeks.....surprisingly I've been to a lot of different countries but never to NYC. Staying in East Village with a friend......anything in particular I should check out (non-fashion related)? Also looking for some good electronic music venues if anybody would like to throw out some suggestions. Venues more true to the music, not 'poppy' super...
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