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Worn three times and cold washed three times. P2P - 19.5 Shoulder - 17 Sleeve - 33.5 Length - 28.25
Model number SZ3164. Purchased from Zegna for $325+ tax in November of 2010, can be found online for around $175. One minor blemish on one lens but otherwise in good condition. Includes cloth and carry case.
I like the first one. Any idea what the name of that style is or a link to photos I could take to my stylist?
I'm looking for Aventus as well. Also looking for Dior Homme, Green Irish Tweed and Le Labo Rose 31.
Worn for about six hours. Slight indigo bleeding on top of the upper but it's minor.
Worn once for about six hours. They don't work for me. There is some slight indigo bleeding on the top of the upper but it's minor.
Really need a new hairstyle. My hair is obnoxiously thick, and I've yet to find a product that can hold it in place without giving it that rock-hard shiny look. I've tried Crew pomade and fiber, Aveda putty, Garnier shit, etc. and nothing seems to work. My head (not face but my head itself) is egg shaped and the crown area at the temple is about two inches narrower than the point behind my ears. It can't be parted left to right, only right to left. The photo was taken...
oops i'm a tard and didn't see the sticky. haven't been here since the update
qfmft. i get compliments on it from women of all ages. i don't believe you'll get laid because of it, but presenting a new, refreshing, perhaps obscure scent just makes you that much more of a standout.
So I'm looking to try a fit of BBall hi's, a slim tapered jean tucked and some sort of drapey/loose shirt. I'm slender but am muscular/defined and I think I can pull of a deep cut shirt or a sleeveless. I've checked a few sites but haven't found much. Any ideas? What other kinds of shirts should I look into?
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