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This a pretty results-oriented.
He Is Legend Binary Star Greydon Square Atmosphere Bingo Players Kaskade 501 Eptic Figure
Glad I'm not the only weird dude ITT. My last two were 3 and 8 years older than I am. I've found that most older women don't give you any bullshit. They make it clear what they want and they go after it which is great for me because I'm lazy and these days if I gotta put in work I probably won't bother.
Hamburger Helper is like $1/box. I've seen ground beef go for like $8 for a 5 pound tube. Combined with whole milk, that'll keep the calories coming.
Need to sell everything ASAP. Make reasonable offers. Prices don't include shipping but I'll work with you on it in some way if it'll help me sell stuff. JCrew blue chino jacket size S, fits TTS. Worn and drycleaned once. $100 Uniqlo flannel - Size XS, fits S. $15 3Sixteen Micro collar - Light blue oxford, big MOP buttons, really nice shirt. Size small, fits true. $50 3Sixteen Micro collar - - light Grey oxford, same as the blue shirt but has a cocktail stain...
I'm going to a pinning ceremony and graduation first week of November. The ladies are wearing cocktail dresses, men are pretty free to wear whatever. It's probably going to be warm, in the 80's. Not sure how to dress for this? I'm 23, fwiw.
measurements added. no seam taping.
Yup, candy apple. Had this and the Plum and damn, so beautiful. Moving and I gotta pack light otherwise I'd keep it.
Worn one day for a couple of hours, basically new. Tagged 9 but fits 8.5. Includes box. $60obo with shipping to USA included.
Two small blemishes as shown in photos, otherwise nice pants. Price includes shipping to USA, shipping elsewhere will be extra. Waist: 15 Inseam: 32 Thigh: 9 5/8 Leg: 8
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