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I was referring to NS, sizing down 2 on PS should be fine for that look.
The waist on APC's is like a vagina; it can stretch a mile yet never tear. On SuFu there are people sizing down 5 on their NS and they actually look good once they've stretched. I'm a true 31 and I wear a 28 in NS but they fall on my hips as I like to sag them a bit. So size according to how you want them to fit and soak/stretch if adjustment is needed.
I have a 37" chest but narrow shoulders and a short torso. WUG sizing recommendations?
Looking for information regarding the process of making shirts, the different techniques used, etc. I know there's a ton of good info on jeans out there but I don't know where to go to learn about shirting. Any ideas?
Yeah I just scooped a small and a medium, will exchange whichever doesn't fit. Please to be releasing more colors and backpacks soon.
checked out superfuture for the first time in ages, looks like everyone in the denim of the day thread is obsessed with workwear, even the 5'5", 115 pound Asian dudes are decked out. that thread should be renamed superboring.
I want that jacket but not at a Lanvin price I like the fit, I'd choose a pant with some taper but that's personal preference.
Quick question about the shirt sizing... I have a few American Apparel mediums but they are too tight in the chest and I think the sleeves run a little too short on me. What size Everlane would suit me best? I'm absolutely having one of those backpacks when they are in stock again.
I don't know about renting out land but gambling and trading (same thing) are extremely difficult to make a lot of money at. A mildly retarded child can make ~40k/year gambling with less than $15k operating capital but trading takes a lot of money to get into and a ton of time to make any money at.
This a pretty results-oriented.
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