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Nice, thanks.
Need help with Margiela GAT low sizing. I'm a 40 in CP Achilles, 7.5 Chucks, 8.5 Vans. Would a 41 in MMM fit me?
I'm pretty much identical to your dimensions and I bought both a medium and a small to try. IMO the small might be too tight for my 37" chest after washing. It's fairly tight in the shoulder now. I'll snap fit pics of both tonight.The material of these shirts is quite nice. As far as construction goes there are stitched seams running the length of the shirt whereas American Apparel is seamless. Shoulder seams have 10 stitches per inch, American Apparel has 12-13. Material...
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op was a level and surely some of the responses were levels as well. just dress like a laxxxxxxbro
Sure, for starter denim or anything in the sub-$200 category I'd define quality as materials sourced from countries known for producing good denim like Japan, Italy, Turkey, etc., utilizing ring/ring construction, with aesthetically pleasing details IE minimal/no branding, clean and straight stitching, consistent rivet placement, things of that nature. My biggest complaint about APC is the inconsistency in construction; belt loops, rivets, etc. should all be evenly place...
Having a tailor do anything to jeans other than hem them is a risky endeavor.
"Quality" is a word that gets thrown around often but in a lot of cases it's subjective. I think it's bullshit when people say "zomg don't buy x-brand, teh quality so shitty!11!" yet they don't cite specific reasons for their claims.
Have you ever been to Macau? Quality manufacturing processes are not exclusive to certain regions of the world. There are plenty of good products coming from Asia, APC denim included. Whether APC's are worth the current price tag is another story, but there are few offerings under $200 which offer good cuts, minimalistic design and long lasting denim like APC.If you could go ahead and list reasons why APC is lacking in quality, that'd be terrific. The denim in the thigh is...
I found them to be a bit tighter in the toe than Achilles. If I could do it all over again I would have sized up one on the BBalls.
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