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Your personality is just like your jeans. Too uptight.
9" inseam pleaseeee
These are the navy color. I've owned them for about four months and have worn them fewer than 10 times. They are in like new condition. Price includes shipping in USA.
These are new, unworn. Tried them around the house and they're too big. Price includes shipping in US.
I have two pairs of new in box Generic Surplus Military hi tops. I laced the white ones up and tried them on and they didn't fit me. Size , fits TTS. The white ones have some very light indigo marking on the fabric inside, the navy ones haven't been laced and the first time I took them out of the box was to take the photo. Looking for $30 shipped for each pair or $50 shipped for both.
Yeah, I saw that. Thinking about scooping one but I really like the blue.In my experience Uniqlo runs baggy across the back. Uniqlo XS fits me really well everywhere except the sleeves and it still runs a little blousey back there. I'm 5'9", 140lbs with a 37" chest and the WvG small fits me perfectly, no tailoring needed.
I have a pair of Achilles mids which are just a cunt hair larger than I prefer. Would Superfeet black insoles help me?
I was trolling around the WvG Tumblr and saw that blue camo shirt. What's the scoop with that? I want one.
Because he can use the search function to find what he's looking for, or ask in one of the many threads where this question would be appropriate.
New Posts  All Forums: