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I started deleting people who make a ton of wall posts about politics. I have to hear enough of that shit at work or when I turn on the TV, I definitely don't want to read about it when I log on to FB. I'm also thinking of deleting people who post on their wall multiple times daily. They say the most ridiculous things like "going to the store" or "just got off work". Twitter and Facebook don't look/sound anything alike so I'm not sure how people manage to confuse the...
Running in a shoe that isn't made for running is a bad idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Has anyone else come to feel about food science the same way you do about global warming...err..climate change? You know there's something to it but no one can agree quite what it is. I mean, you get these long lived, healthy groups of people that eat lots of butter, animal products etc. You get these other groups that eat mainly starch and veggies. Then you get the US, Canada, the UK, etc. that all seem to be...
Starting Strength, cardio program, eat better. EZ game.
I've chewed little since I was 4, just a little pinch a couple times a year. For the past couple of years I've been trying different forms of Swedish snus. It's less deadly than American dip, tastes better and you don't spit it out. My favorite so far has been Göteborgs Rape. The Marlboro and Camel snus is garbage compared to the Scandi-candy
Woodford Reserve and carbonated water. Usually just drink whiskey and water but decided to try something a little different.
Quote: Originally Posted by banjabear ^ THIS album of the year so far Meh, High Violet was a letdown after Boxer. I liked Broken Social Scene's new album better than this.
According to the thread about the lathe he did neither of those, but I still think it makes a great conversation piece. On a serious note, I think a good pepper mill is something everyone should have. A quality pocketknife is another. A set of quality cutlery along with good pots and pans should be on the list too. I know a lot of people don't cook but I think it's a good skill to acquire for many reasons, and having the tools for the job will make things easier.
A lathe for your living room:
Bought some items from I<3Bacon, paid for them Monday and received today. Exactly as described. Will buy from again.
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