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Looking for black or white CP's, any model lows in size 40 or 41.
Nice.I did notice a difference in comfort between the eBay GATS and Margiela. The MMM's are super buttery and the sole is more flexible, easily the most comfortable shoe I've owned. My eBay's were comfy but quite a ways from MMM.
Four more came in the mail today. I have all of the styles now, and the sizing has been consistent for me throughout. My only gripe is on one of my pocket tees the pocket is sewn on crooked. I'm not too much of a stickler about things like this especially on a $15 garment but 3/8" is a lot, should have easily been seen by someones eyes after sewing.
Anyone interested in trading for a pair of NIB size 41 black MMM gat lows? I'd rather have the white ones or CP lows (black or white) in the same size. I'd also sell them for like $275 shipped obo.
Hope you bought a good brush, creme/soap and blades to compliment it.
Forgive me for the hijack but as a soon-to-be busto college student, I'm exploring the idea of flipping clothing for a little extra money. Other than the thrift thread are there any other good resources out there for learning the craft, spotting fakes, ways of reducing operating costs like eBay fees, etc?
Where can I get a really simple, thin bracelet? Like the width of a rubber band, maybe slimmer.
Kinda mad that the watercolors are already selling out Also I have a blue v-neck size small that I want to sell. I bought a small and a medium to compare fits and medium works best for me. Wore it around for like four hours but otherwise new. $12 shipped.
I'll pay $60 for someones zip backpack in good condition. Need it for summer school and the new stock won't be available in time. PM me.
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