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Compared to? I can think of better brands to get oxfords from.
Razor blades don't spread acne. If you're getting acne after shaving you need to adjust your technique or change your soap/creme to something that's made with natural ingredients. If it persists then you should see a dermatologist because you may have folliculitis which can be spread by your razor.
Lots of use but still plenty of life in these. Shipping included to US, anywhere else will be extra.
Worn a handful of times, still a lot of life in them. As you can see in the photo I stepped in some gum on the right sole. Aside from that, with a polishing they'll be like new. Includes dust bags. Shipping included to USA, anywhere else will be extra.
You can proxy the real deal from Germany for like $80, even less if you lurk eBay Germany. Most people swap out the stock laces for thicker ones that look more like the MMM laces. In my experience the MMM's are more comfortable and look better with wear than the OG version but either is fine.Another brand to consider is Twins For Peace. They sell a leather sneaker that's hard to find but looks really good. Definitely CP inspired:...
Tell me more about quality.As far as affordable swag goes I would stick to the basics as far as garment type and colors/patterns until you get some money and a real idea of what you're going for. Pick up enough t-shirts to last a few days, one good pair of jeans, a white pair of canvas beater shoes and one pair of black ones. From there just lurk B&S and SuFu to add pieces to your wardrobe -- if you see a good deal on footwear that you like or clothes that fit your body...
Just step up your sneaker game a little. Go with leather sneaks like GATs, CP's etc. and for canvas/beater options chose USA made Vans or a lesser known brand that sells a clean/simple shoe. Good fitting chinos will replace denim nicely. IMO someone who wears just the basic tee/denim/sneakers but wears them properly (ideal fit for body type etc.) is pretty damn stylish compared to most of the clowns out there.
You sound like a fun person to hang out with.I'd definitely cop some tanks if the material on the shoulder wasn't too narrow/girly.
Already did this, search a few pages back. H&M doesn't compare to AA, Everlane, et al.
Didn't know the prices would be that good. In for 30ml and if you get the larger bottle I'll take a 60ml.
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