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It's not. Just as protein from chicken isn't the same as protein from beef. I'm not sure why we're talking about protein, though.Nobody cares which school you go to.
Apparently you haven't seen Brad-T
Yeah, heaps of broscience there.I don't recall anyone saying whey has no protein.
Life is too short to not worry about these things. He is desiring relationships, love, social interaction, things which most people would agree are essential to a happy existence. The longer he goes without them the lower his confidence will be and the harder it will be to attain those things.Platitudes like "don't be a pussy" and "just talk to them" are good in theory but hard to apply in real time. "Just talk to her" when he doesn't know how to carry a conversation won't...
He's got a handful of photos in his profile, nothing too grotesque but being of Indian ethnicity makes thing a little more difficult in my opinion. Being labeled a creeper is a personality trait, not an appearance trait in a lot of cases. so you can work on that. Wardrobe isn't that important -- there are clowns who wear Ed Hardy or whatever they bought at Kohls yet get laid every night of the week, so find something that you like and are comfortable in and don't sweat it...
Nutrition derived from drinks != nutrition derived from actual food. It takes like ten minutes to whip up a real breakfast, just do it.
I wonder if the number of people who understand that taste is subjective has increased or decreased over the same time span.
Sending mine now.
I would definitely get a badger brush as they make lathering much easier and are easier on your face which is both more comfortable and less likely to cause irritation which leads to blemishes/acne/ingrowns. A stand of some sort is a must because the brush needs to hang upside down in order to dry effectively. The Van Der Hagen set is $30 on Amazon and includes brush, stand, mug and soap. I have the EJ best Badger brush which is $40 and includes a stand. As far as blades...
Compared to? I can think of better brands to get oxfords from.
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