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I just ordered it today so I'm not sure but judging by the size charts I'm guessing it will stretch a bit.
Been looking for an alternative to hoodies/peacoats/cardigans and I found something I like. Besos sweater by What Goes Around Comes Around:
Is there a working code for Need Supply? BLACKFRIDAY does not work.
White, red, blue, charcoal.
No BD shirts in small sizes
Quote: Originally Posted by Superfluous Man Never have, hate the smell. I could probably cook it in brownies or whatever but meh. lol
Firecrackers will certainly get you elevated, try those. I used to literally never partake but now I enjoy MJ on a weekly basis. I find that my highs are generally energetic with a hint of couchlock every now and then which is perfect for me. The feeling is very similar to being drunk except I'm more aware of whats going on, I have better control of myself, and I feel completely normal the next day. I much prefer vaporizing over smoking. I have a small portable vape...
Measurements on everything?
Move to up where they respect the fact that your style is consistent with the century you live in.
Volcano for home use, Magic Flight Launch Box for travel.
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