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I read all the magazines and then some. Therefore, I am smarter than Sarah Palin.
Bugger I also wear an XS in JCrew. I have a BD shirt in XS and its just a tiny bit too short in the sleeves but it fits well elsewhere. I'm going with a small this time. They are quite nice for sure.
Can you make that a size or two larger? My eyes hurt from squinting.
Yes it can. I have one and I use it inside my home. There is a light smell of the vapor right after you exhale but it goes away quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by chessman305 The code only works towards sale items. Fuck. Go figure.
Some form of button down Acne Max raw CP's Boring but its better than 99.9% of what the kids around here wear.
I just ordered it today so I'm not sure but judging by the size charts I'm guessing it will stretch a bit.
Been looking for an alternative to hoodies/peacoats/cardigans and I found something I like. Besos sweater by What Goes Around Comes Around:
Is there a working code for Need Supply? BLACKFRIDAY does not work.
White, red, blue, charcoal.
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