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Meh, if he's having friends over on the regular I don't think its that out of line.
Gargle with Listerine.
I like Aveda for men.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades No reason to wear anything but RL polos. This spring/summer I picked up Harbor Island Blue, Carmel Pink, and Polo Black (purple horse) I think not wanting a retarded horse embroidered on your tit is enough reason to not wear RL.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bananimus I was hoping to pick up a white BD oxford, but I believe that my size was long gone, even before the sale. I managed to snag a red one, though, which I'm very excited about. The fit on these shirts is so good. Same for me. I was shit outta luck but then Mauro found a red in my size cuz he's a boss!
Tangible: Going out (drinks, vacation, weed, etc.), clothes, basic living necessities (food, housing, etc) Intangible: None? I mean I'm a really selfish guy and do things purely for my own reasons. I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses, prestige of salary, etc. I guess financial security but the probability of me attaining it is so low that I'm not concerned.
Bugger I also wear an XS in JCrew. I have a BD shirt in XS and its just a tiny bit too short in the sleeves but it fits well elsewhere. I'm going with a small this time. They are quite nice for sure.
Can you make that a size or two larger? My eyes hurt from squinting.
Yes it can. I have one and I use it inside my home. There is a light smell of the vapor right after you exhale but it goes away quickly.
Quote: Originally Posted by chessman305 The code only works towards sale items. Fuck. Go figure.
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