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Looking for another pair of jeans and am not sure what to buy. I used to have Acne Maxes which were a little too slim for my tastes and now am considering APC New Standards and N&F Weird Guys. Wondering what other options I have? I'm 5'9", 150 pounds and they'll be for casual wear to compliment a pair of CP's or Vans so I'm looking for some taper but not too much with at least 7.25" leg opening. The 3Sixteen SL-200x looks fairly close, how about the SL-100x or ST-100x?
As title states. New or used. Please send measurements, pictures, and a price.
Eat fruit, ez game.
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
For some reason I can't edit my OP but I also have a W+H tiger fleece in Medium that is the same color as the small listed above. Looking for $100 for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Let me understand this... You guys pay $600 for a contraption that lets you inhale pot out of a plastic bag and bongs are now $500? Maybe you should look up the price of good stuff. A vaporizer is way cheaper than rolling j's or using a bong
Price drops, items added/removed. I need to move this stuff THIS WEEK. MAKE OFFERS!
Can't you see that the girl at work has a (nice bum)?
(nice bum)
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf ^ Agree with some of the things you are saying, but disagree on the abs exercise. You are not going to get your core strong by just standard barbell exercises, and I guarantee that strong chest and back muscles without a strong core is a recipe for injury. I would recommend a core circuit like this: Back hyperextensions, hanging leg raises, weighted ab crunches on Swiss ball, etc. Pick 3 or 4 exercises and do them...
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