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Nope. 3Sixteen or Tanner Goods could probably send you one.
Thanks. I wore the button down under it for the photo only; I wouldn't leave the house with the collar looking like that
Thoughts on the fit of this? Thinking of bringing the sleeves up a bit and taking some out below the pit and around the waist. Also, top button undone or buttoned? Took pics of both for ideas.
Have you considered joining a club at school related to your hobbies/interests? Sharing commonalities with others is an easy way to build rapport.
New in the box. Bought them from Amazon, tried them on and they were too small so I ordered one size up and forgot to return them before the deadline. Pretty sure you can't find them for less than ~$100 anywhere. Price includes shipping to USA. Other countries will be extra depending on where you're located.
These are the one-wash version, haven't been washed by me. Crocking is coming in nicely but still has a ways to go before a wash. There is a very small blemish above the left rear pocket - I'm almost positive that dish soap and warm water will take it out but it never bothered me so I left it alone. I'd love to keep them but I'm a fat ass now and don't fit them Waist - 16" Inseam - 34" Hem: 7" Front rise - 9" Rear rise: 12.5" Shipping included to USA, other countries...
What are your hobbies and interests? What are you studying in school? Do you have a job or internship or anything? It's really tough to make friends out of school unless you work somewhere like a bar or in retail where you come in contact with people your age on a frequent basis.
Lot of three Uniqlo XS shirts. I've worn the flannel and linen once each, and the oxford has never been worn. They're too small for me otherwise I'd keep them as they are quite nice. $20 for the flannel, $25 each for the oxford and linen, or $60 for all.
Size 31w, hemmed to 31. Removed the patch above back pocket as I don't like unnecessary branding. One hand wash with perfume/dye free detergent and air dry. Worn for about two weeks and decided to go for a more tapered cut, they've been in my closet since. Very slight wallet fade as shown in photo, otherwise as new. Shipping included in US - international shipping will be extra. Waist - 16 1/8" Inseam - 31" Hem - 7 3/4" Front Rise - 10.5" Rear Rise - 13"
New Posts  All Forums: