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Since when is every thread on this board started by a Chinese J Crew employee? And since when do real members start straight-facedly replying to posters that believe their gray J Crew blazer is "killer"? I hope the admins figure out a solution to ban these parasites before this board becomes an internet wasteland.
@Chaos: +2
I was discussing this topic with the salesman at Edward Green just last Friday, noting that EGs are by far my slipperiest shoes on frequently wet London pavement. (Perhaps because their leather is very hard and stiff.) He balked at the idea of adding topies.
Sorry you're in TX. Good luck with that.
The British Empire was pretty much built by men in shorts, from Barbados to Bombay to Burma (and even farther), where they were present at all manner of military and civil functions. So given the Anglo and imperial parentage of much of what is considered sartorial today, it seems shorts deserve a little respect.
Shocked no one has mentioned Paul Stuart. Year in, year out, their belts are most durable and attractive.
Chan will also show you another H&S lightweight range just slightly more substantial than crispaire. I've actually chosen it for two suits in a row now, after thinking at the outset I wanted crispaire. I found more appealing colors and patterns in that series, and the fabric felt and looked finer. Chan will totally make 1/4 lined. Just be firm if that's what you want and they are ultimately happy to do anything.
The rule is to contrast the socks with both the suit and the shoes. Thus if most of your suits are navy or charcoal, and most of your shoes are brown or black, acceptable colors of socks to purchase include: lavender, cerulean, honeydew melon, coral. The pattern on your socks should always be at least as bold and discernable as the one on your next-most patterned piece of clothing (usually the ascot, or the undergarment).
The problem with strutting straight into A&S+T&A and blowing your banker bonus in one go is you wouldn't have the foggiest idea what you want because, as mentioned above, a tailor can give you a properly fitting garment but he can't give you good taste. I would spend 10% of that $25k on a Chan or similar bespoke suit or separates, plus a few custom shirts and some accessories. Going through the process for the first time with a lower-end bespoke tailor, looking through...
Surprisingly, Paul Smith had some well cut ones this winter. Retail around 450, but they were already on sale at Christmastime and would almost certainly be marked down now to the extent they're still available.
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