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chargersfan sent a great SC, accurately described and a fair price. Quick service, too!
In LA my tailor, Jonathan Behr, will do it. I think he charges around $50. I have had it done to 2 of my sportcoats.
STP = Sierra Trading Post (an affiliate here). Good prices.
Craptastic sartorial morass.
Is "ass-tastic" a word?
PM sent.
I do it all the time. I wear my jacket all day. Nice Vespa, foulard. You look like me commuting to work (before I broke my hand, anyway)
Looking for some laceups in size 10 or 10.5 US. Any color but black. Particularly looking for EG, G&G, Lobb or Cleverley. Shoot me a PM or post what you've got. Thanks.
Should pay a visit to Jonathan Behr, too.
Sho'nuff: I'll have to wear my Johnathan Behr suit so you'll know I'm not a "turd".
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