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Craptastic sartorial morass.
Is "ass-tastic" a word?
PM sent.
I do it all the time. I wear my jacket all day. Nice Vespa, foulard. You look like me commuting to work (before I broke my hand, anyway)
Looking for some laceups in size 10 or 10.5 US. Any color but black. Particularly looking for EG, G&G, Lobb or Cleverley. Shoot me a PM or post what you've got. Thanks.
Should pay a visit to Jonathan Behr, too.
Sho'nuff: I'll have to wear my Johnathan Behr suit so you'll know I'm not a "turd".
My bad then. Sorry about that. So, when's the SF private showing?
I saw on the webz that a shoe store called Leather Soul is opening soon in BH. It looks like they carry JLP, EG, Cleverley, Alden and some others. Don't know anything about them (and hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here by mentioning them). I wondered if some SF members wanted to have a meetup there when they open? Might make for a fun afternoon/evening.
I'd be interested, too. Probably 42R stuff. PM or post what you have when it's available. Thanks.
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