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That Chanel is very nice looking - I hadn't seen that one before. Just bought my son an MCM card holder he had been wanting. Looks nice so far, but will have to see how it holds up over time.
The first time I saw those Heschung Thuya mocassin shoes I thought they were the wierdest, goofiest style I had ever seen, but the more I look at them I can't take my eyes off of them. Something about the shape and proportions is so right, despite them not being streamlined or traditionally elegant. I will definitely have to cop a pair.
Another possibility is visiting tailors. Deege & Skinner are on their US visit right now. Ironically the day they were in Palm Beach I was flying to LA and by the time they got to LA I was flying back to Florida. Go figure... I've no doubt they can do what you need but they, too, may require you to be a bespoke customer to do other alterations.
I moved away from there two years ago, but I swear Matucci did functional button holes for me. I guess maybe I'm confusing him with someone else. I have also used Jonathan Behr for bespoke tailoring and he has done alterations for me on other items, but I don't think he will do alterations if you aren't a bespoke client. Plus he's on Wilshire and not in the South Bay, but I highly recommend him.
I know this is a little late but Matucci Tailors on PCH in Redondo Beach is excellent. I believe he charged $40-$50 to make functional button holes. Since I moved to Florida I paid some hammerhead $100 to do it and his work sucked. I miss Matucci.
I got all excited at the thought of buying the whole lot actually, but sadly the sizes are all too small for me.
PM sent.
I had a sample of the MFK "Baccarat 540" or something like that. Liked it a lot and even got a complement on it from a young lady waiting on me at a store. Based on that, I'd recommend it
I'm glad you are enjoying it. I hope it lasts a long time and you get that sense of satisfaction every time you pull it out of your pocket. One question - does the gray version have a yellow interior in the pocket for paper money?
Yes, definitely softened up and (depending on how many cards I cram into it) feels like it "thinned out. It's very sleek and unobtrusive in a pocket. One thing I want to stress though is that it never feels shoddy or like it's wearing out. More like "breaking in" - it gets better with age and you can tell the quality over time. BTW - the gray looks awesome. I don't remember seeing that version when I got mine. Enjoy it!
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