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I try to always have an oxford, a Derby, a monk and a loafer in the rotation. For casual wear (i.e. outside of work) a spectator and something in suede.
I have to say, "Yes." My wife once noticed my boss's (cheap/worn out/nasty looking) shoes and she has never forgotten it. She brings it up every time his name comes up in conversation.
Payment sent. Thanks!
PM sent.
I haven't actually checked their offerings, but isn't that combo sort of Dunhill's trademark?
chargersfan sent a great SC, accurately described and a fair price. Quick service, too!
In LA my tailor, Jonathan Behr, will do it. I think he charges around $50. I have had it done to 2 of my sportcoats.
STP = Sierra Trading Post (an affiliate here). Good prices.
Craptastic sartorial morass.
Is "ass-tastic" a word?
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