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Just for clarification, are ACs being discontinued by Cleverley or just no longer being sold at Leather Soul?
The "traditional" big 3 are Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. Breguet, A. Lange ans JLC are up in that realm as well. I'm sure this topic will generate lots of discussion.
I know Hugo Jacomet recommends them highly. May have to give them a try...
Subscribed, also.
To clarify, Lanvin offers both true bespoke and MTM. I had heard they would be offering "bespoke" services at their new Madison Ave. men's boutique, so I contacted them. M. Julien Fouache at their 15 Rue Faubourg location replied that true bespoke is only offered at the Paris location and starts at 6900 Euro. In New York one can get a MTM suit, starting at $3700 USD. I then had some correspondence with M. Francois Ulloa at the NY store to clarify what one gets in MTM...
I personally like hacking pockets and have been commissioning my jackets with them as of late. I think they look fine in your pic.
I don't think anyone ever answered the question about Lanvin - is their bespoke service up to the same standards as Cifonelli or CdL?
Well, I mostly just wanted to try something different than my regular tailor. I inquired about bespoke tailoring, but they said they only offer that at their Rue Faubourg location in Paris. They said MTM is available in NY starting at $3700. I contacted the NY boutique about the difference in their MTM service from Paris's bespoke, but haven't gotten a very detailed answer. I was just curious if anyone here tried them and could provide feedback.
Has anyone here tried Lanvin's MTM service at their new Madison Ave. men's boutique? I have had some correspondence with them about the service and am thinking of having a suit made on my next trip to the city. I'd like to hear about anyone's experiences with the service - what did you like/dislike? What was good or bad about it? Thanks in advance.
Got my stuff very quickly - exactly as described. Great seller and great prices. Thanks!
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