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Got my stuff very quickly - exactly as described. Great seller and great prices. Thanks!
Got my merlot cap toes yesterday and love them! Wore them at work today and they are super comfortable. The color is great and I can't wait to see how it ages. Thanks, Lance! SG
PM'ed you about the Isaia pink/purple striped shirt and the Zegna cashmere vest. Thanks!
I try to always have an oxford, a Derby, a monk and a loafer in the rotation. For casual wear (i.e. outside of work) a spectator and something in suede.
I have to say, "Yes." My wife once noticed my boss's (cheap/worn out/nasty looking) shoes and she has never forgotten it. She brings it up every time his name comes up in conversation.
Payment sent. Thanks!
PM sent.
I haven't actually checked their offerings, but isn't that combo sort of Dunhill's trademark?
chargersfan sent a great SC, accurately described and a fair price. Quick service, too!
In LA my tailor, Jonathan Behr, will do it. I think he charges around $50. I have had it done to 2 of my sportcoats.
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