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Sepp - how about some Ann D's? I have a pair of the black suede Ann Chucks with side zips. I love them, but they definitely run big. I know she has had both suede and leather versions in the past, both in varying heights. They are ridiculously priced, but on sale they aren't bad at all. Worth a look I'd say.
I have been on a Guerlain kick lately. My SOTD today is Mouchoir de Monsieur. I also received this week a bottle of Eau de Cologne Imperiale which I had engraved with my name. Can't wait to try that.
Crappy phone pic of above-referenced Goyard piece:
I used to use a money clip, but just ended up with too many cards and I never carry cash, so got a Goyard card holder at Barney's around Christmastime. I love it so far. We'll see if it holds up and if it's all it's cracked up to be.
Just ordered these today. Can't wait to get them.
Visited the Patek AD the other day. I was told the waiting list for a 5711 is 2-3 years, so put my name on the list for one with the blue dial. We'll see what happens 2-3 years down the road...
"free of the bullshit that drives up the price" - the world needs more of this. Good on ya, Epaulet!
Just ordered a navy pair. Not sure why they are the least popular, but I'm glad they were so some were left in my size:)
Just waxed a pair of selvedge denim jeans tonight using a bar of Otter wax. They are curing and I will wear them tomorrow and see how they come out.
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