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Broke out some old skool Grey Flannel for nostalgia's sake today.
Virtual Clothes Horse, Shop the Finest, B&S here on SF are all good bets. Saks off Fifth, NM Last Call. Sierra Trading Post carries Isaia, believe it or not. If you want to stretch to bespoke, I have used Jonathan Behr in LA and his bespoke SCs are probably a little less than $2000 (depending on fabric) and they are full bespoke. I (and my father) have lots of stuff from him and he's awesome.
Sorry to revive an old thread, but am thinking about booking an appointment with Dege & Skinner in Palm Beach when they are here in March, 2016. Anyone else here planning a Palm Beach appointment? Also, any idea what the going rate is for a 2-piece suit from them nowadays? TIA!
New, lower price: $140.00. Hit me up with offers...
How about $140? I will entertain offers.
Has the new Goyard boutique opened yet? I haven't been to the city since August and it wasn't yet open then.
joxr: Unfortunately, now Barney's no longer carries Goyard. Maybe the new dedicated boutique will have some kind of ecommerce platform, but this may not bode well. Goyard seems to be trying to protect their brand/IP by not having an online commerce presence. You'll just have to go to NYC...
cxeq: What are those? I know Raf showed something like that and collaborated with Adidas on a snow boot thing like that last year. Are those Rafs?
JCMan: Guerlain every day. Today is Mouchoir de Monsieur. A perennial favorite.
Sepp, I would actually size down 1 in the Ann's. I am also a 44 and that's what I bought. They are a little big, but not enough to bug me and I got such a good deal I just kept them. However, it seems like many folks here are quite picky about size and if that's the case you may be happier sizing down one. Anyone else have a similar experience?
New Posts  All Forums: