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I'm in the market for some Rick Owens shorts and cropped trousers, too, so I'll be on the lookout for those as you add new merchandise each season.
As far as the sneakers go, I get the whole high/low thing. What would be funny is if someone bought them, crossed out Saint Laurent and wrote "Nike" or "Converse" or some other cheap brand on them Or better yet, write "Lawnven"
I've seen them in person at the boutique. I don't have an opinion on the font so much as on the concept. They sort of make me want to buy a pair of PF Flyers or French Palladium sneakers and write Saint Laurent on them with a sharpie. Also, Gucci is doing the same thing with their "punk" jeans this season with writing all over them. Suddenly I feel like I'm in high school again when we thought we were being edgy by writing on our jeans. I guess I just don't get it. I...
I wanted the low top sneakers in metallic silver with the blue metallic stars and red heel tabs. i thought they were part of the permanent collection, but I don't see them anywhere online anymore. I should have pulled the trigger when I first saw them. I'll stop by my local boutique and see if they still have them and I'll be in NY in a couple of weeks so I'll check there, too. Anyone on here have a pair in 44EU/UK10/US11 they want to sell?
Graham - can you get any additional merchandise that's not on the site already? I'm thinking about the Rick Owens wolffish leather Geobaskets and some of the Island Dunks in exotic skins. Or is what is shown on the site all you have until the next season's releases? Thanks so much for your quick responses, I can't wait to place my frst order with you guys.
Any plans to add additional designers? Say Raf Simons for example?
Thanks - still very fairly priced even in USD.
I forgot to ask Graham - are the prices on your website in Canadian $ or American $? Looking to use my 20% discount from signing up for the newsletter!
I love those sneakers, too. I really want the red ponyskin ones but hard to justify the price. I have black suede Ann highs that I don't wear often enough, so hard to justify the lows...
I don't know what part of Northern Europe you'll be in, but I would think velvet would wear hot in May. I've no doubt it would look great though. I'd opt for something in worsted.
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