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I have a travel size if Diptyque Eau Duelle. I wear it when I am travelling (obviously). Heading to NYC for the weekend so that will be my Scent of the Weekend (SOTW).
Red Wing cukkas for me.
How are the SS16 and FW16 items identified on the website? I checked earlier but it wasn't obvious. Thanks!
Man, he looks like ass.
@Calculus - Did you put up some new stuff on the website? I was just checking it out and I thought some of the sneakers weren't there before. BTW, I must say your prices rock. Definitely the best deals I've seen on RO and Ann D.
Shout out to Mr. Bargeld - hadn't heard his name since I used to go see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in my university days!
In a similar vein, what is the general consensus on the wolffish leather sneakers? They look incredible online in pics but I have yet to see them IRL. Anyone have them that could comment on the feel of the leather, quality, etc.?
Assuming the boutique doesn't tell you that defect is the reason the shirt was sold through the warehouse, I would bet the boutique could do it, but you could actually do it yourself. The tool and some snaps from a place like Mood (if you are in NYC or LA) or even a JoAnn's fabric is probably like $10, then you would have one to fix any others. It's a handy tool and only takes a second to do the repair.
@Cole87 - I have Ann D's and I went TTS. They fit fine. I did buy mine a couple of years ago and have no idea if they've undergone any changes so ymmv.
Awesome - I will continue to check the website, Thanks for etting me know.
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