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Just ordered these today. Can't wait to get them.
Visited the Patek AD the other day. I was told the waiting list for a 5711 is 2-3 years, so put my name on the list for one with the blue dial. We'll see what happens 2-3 years down the road...
I've had my eye on that model for some time. I like it for just the reasons Concordia dislikes it. The curve on that bit of broguing to me makes it just that little bit more special. It catches the eye and it makes it obvious this isn't your average mall shoe. I also think they look fantastic in that color. I'm envious!
"free of the bullshit that drives up the price" - the world needs more of this. Good on ya, Epaulet!
Just ordered a navy pair. Not sure why they are the least popular, but I'm glad they were so some were left in my size:)
Just waxed a pair of selvedge denim jeans tonight using a bar of Otter wax. They are curing and I will wear them tomorrow and see how they come out.
Or do you mean something more generic like "Venetian loafer"?
The Abingdon?
Funny, I bought almost the exact same Corneliani jacket yesterday at a consignment shop on Melrose. Same color, micro suede but the inner chest panel where it zips is slightly different. I think it will be a very versatile addition to the wardrobe.
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