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I had a sample of the MFK "Baccarat 540" or something like that. Liked it a lot and even got a complement on it from a young lady waiting on me at a store. Based on that, I'd recommend it
I'm glad you are enjoying it. I hope it lasts a long time and you get that sense of satisfaction every time you pull it out of your pocket. One question - does the gray version have a yellow interior in the pocket for paper money?
Yes, definitely softened up and (depending on how many cards I cram into it) feels like it "thinned out. It's very sleek and unobtrusive in a pocket. One thing I want to stress though is that it never feels shoddy or like it's wearing out. More like "breaking in" - it gets better with age and you can tell the quality over time. BTW - the gray looks awesome. I don't remember seeing that version when I got mine. Enjoy it!
I agree that the pricing is a bit intimidating, but mine was actually purchased with a Barney's gift card at Christmas time, so I get to enjoy it thanks to a family member's generosity.
Funny, I just got the latest issue of The Rake in the mail today and on page 58 in the "Arbiter" section, the featured gent, Brian Sacawa, carries the same card holder. (He also wears the same Rolex I have - I feel so stylish )
Walds, My Goyard is holding up very well. I, too, experienced the peeling of the rubbery leather paint at the top corners which get bent putting the card holder in and out of a pocket. I just trimmed off the little piece that came loose on each side and left it that way. It hasn't given me any other trouble and since the rest of each side doesn't bend/move, it doesn't peel. Quality of the leather and the pattern painting/printing is top notch. I like the yellow...
I have the highs, but I went TTS. I'm a 44 in Lanvins and took a 44 in Ann D's. They fit right.
Well, I don't live in LA anymore, but there are some obvious places depending on what you are looking for. Go to Rodeo Drive in BH for all the big name boutiques. Robertson has some decent shopping, too. Of course there are places like Mister Freedom or the boutiques on Abbott Kinney in Venice. That's where Stronghold denim is. If you are a little more adventurous, there's a decent boutique in Torrance caled "Threads and Needles" and a pretty cool shop around the...
I saw that the prices are lower in Canada, too. I will be in Toronto at Christmas time and plan to buy the navy suede/black patent cap toe ones while I'm there. Not sure why we have the honor of paying more in the US...
VRaivio, the other idea I had was to get one of the less popular color combinations that is close to what I want. The navy suede/black patent is part of the permanent collection that doesn't go on sale, but i have seen the petrol blue suede/gray patent on sale. I could be happy with those as a close second. Now, to find my size...
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