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I love the Guerlain 68. I don't have any at the moment, so you reminded me I need to buy some more. My wife brought me some samples of Diptyque scents last weekend - Tam Dao and Volutes, I believe. Not sure if those are supposed to be women's scents, but I kind of dig them. They are a lot stronger than what I usually wear and last a long time.
Are these still available? I PM'ed you last weekend and never heard back. Thanks.
I guess I'm the exception because I just wear my sneakers (even the "luxe" ones) and don't worry about it. I don't abuse them, but don't baby them either. When they wear out, I'll replace them with another pair or something new.
I was really surprised to see Palm Beach on their itinerary, to be honest. They mentioned in an e-mail that they come here regularly, but I gather not as frequently as NY or some other cities. I may have to have some of my fittings in NYC to avoid waiting a year or more for the suit. Can't wait to get started!
I have an appointment with them at 9:30 on March 1st, so I will be sure to take some pictures and good notes to document the process. According to Matthew Cowley, it will be Nick and Tom (Nicholas De'Ath and Tom Bradbury) who I will see during the visit, not William Skinner. That's a shame because I'd love to meet Mr. Skinner.
So, in case anyone here is interested, I heard back from the kind folks at Dege & Skinner and here is some of the information I received: "Our 2 piece Bespoke suits start at around £3400.00. For a Super 130s to Super 150s, the price will increase to around £3800.00 - £4000.00. These are Sterling export prices as you do not have to pay our VAT (20% tax)" The above comes from Shop Manager Matthew A. Cowley. Now, to check the bank account and decide on fabric and...
Now $130.00 or offer.
Now $130.00 or offer.
Noirwest - definitely go with Rafs. OccultaVexillum - MMM is having a men's sale right now. Not sure if they have exactly the style/color/combo you are looking for, but it's worth checking their website.
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