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"free of the bullshit that drives up the price" - the world needs more of this. Good on ya, Epaulet!
Just ordered a navy pair. Not sure why they are the least popular, but I'm glad they were so some were left in my size:)
Just waxed a pair of selvedge denim jeans tonight using a bar of Otter wax. They are curing and I will wear them tomorrow and see how they come out.
Or do you mean something more generic like "Venetian loafer"?
The Abingdon?
Funny, I bought almost the exact same Corneliani jacket yesterday at a consignment shop on Melrose. Same color, micro suede but the inner chest panel where it zips is slightly different. I think it will be a very versatile addition to the wardrobe.
Wow, wish I had known about the event -would have loved to attend.
Amar, Allez l'OM! I haven't seen that logo since I lived in Aix-en-Provence many, many years ago. Supergenius
Just for clarification, are ACs being discontinued by Cleverley or just no longer being sold at Leather Soul?
Not to derail the pre-Christmas sale posts, but wanted to let you know I received my Abingdons today! They are awesome, and your size recommendation was spot-om. Thank you very much for the quick delivery. I look forward to more Fosters in my future.
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