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Quote: Originally Posted by Ga-vroche Yup^^ But new standard, not rescue. How did you size those New Standards? Regular old size down two?
Gap has some pretty good solid tees
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl i would suggest some somets 030s. they have a high rise and enough space up top, and then slim down to around 6 at the hem. check them out at Blue in Green. ive got a pair and theyre really well built. Huh? Somets are notorious for their low rise.
Quote: Originally Posted by RingKing I need a recommendation for designer jeans for a man with shapely thighs and a good seat, but a pot belly. I'm 6' and weigh 225. I used to wear 36/32 for years but got fat in middle age. As Cartman would say, I'm big boned. It's all on my gut and love handles. I'm thinking of trying on some 7 for all mankind austyns. Relaxed fit, normal drop, but straight leg. But I'm willing to look at anything I can find local at...
Which has a fit most similar to H&M Sliqs? NS or PS?
Check out tonio028's fits, that is really how I see a mature person dressing.
You gotta get a bacon cheeseburger with: BBQ sauce Tomato Relish p.s. wash your jeans
It just is... besides, jeans with no break look stupid so some stacking is just needed to look natural. Sometimes stacking can get a bit out of control though.
What are the advantages to lifting freeweights vs. using machines? i.e dumbell flys vs. pec dec or squats vs. leg press machine?
Nike Frees... Solid shoes, haven't had any problems with them. My buddy used to give me shit for wearing Jack Purcell's to the gym.
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