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Chan will not charge you a lot more than what you've paid for your Zegna Milano for a basic VBC super 110, so go for it. They have 2 shops here in Shanghai. By the way, welcome to Shanghai (where I live).
This kind of good things don't happen, especially when you are travelling in a country like Myamar.
Several purchases in past couple of years. International shipments. No problem at all. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by legeartis I just bought this used pair of C&J's. They are called Woodstock 2, and are AFAIK handgrades. Can anyone tell me when this model was in production? i have an exact pair of those woodstock 2 handgrade bought as new old stock from ebay. these are lined with lether and linen, though. believed these were from the 70's or 80's. i remembered a price stick on the outer box saying 18 pounds.
hi, my first post ever here after lurking for months. i live in shanghai and have had 2 suits made in their shanghai shop. here starting price is cny5,950 (or about usd900) for a vbc super 110s. dont know what they ask in hong kong. hope this helps.
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