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You lurked... read... then started posting... armed with prior knowledge and diligence. you now started buying @ B&S. anxiety... excitement... finally, the mailman is here and the package is drop on your doorstep. Fitting... it's a good buy?!? days... weeks... had passed ok, enough of the house test. i'll wear it to work on monday. @ work, hey bro! forgot to wash clothes last weekend? wtf! a-7FAM-true-religion-mall-rat teasing my steez!!! Took pix for WDYWT......
can't decide between these 2... black replica, been waiting for an all black pair, i already have white authentic GAT and brown replica. or dark colored lanvin hightop... redeeming my old purchase where i picked taupe/gold instead the navy/black lanvin hi tops... having doubts how would the green patent would actually look.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS Thought it was pretty funny seeing Jonathan Ross wearing RO on tv. he also wore green raf astro @ top gear when he guested as the star in the reasonably priced car.
synthese, is that an F+B elios? please post how you're able to do the toe-up and excellent distressing. kindly post more pictures thanks!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by RegisDB9 Anyone know when exactly the new line of KVA goes up for sale? check the boxing sale
check matches they're on sale... just below $300.... jst edited... noticed its the patent... no idea were would it still be available
snowmanxl, yes, those are the ones w/ the techno fabric. Magic1, thanks! check the holiday sale from different stores, prices are ok. the lowest ones i seen was @ matches for the black high tops... barely breaking the $300 mark.
Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk I picked up some Dior MIJ 19cm for 139 usd from the Scottsdale location (phone ordered). thanks for the replies, sadly the raw indigo are not on sale @ SF barneys.
mids finally arrived! just in time for Christmas
snowmanxl, you betcha just filled out the importing docs from FEDEX for the mids... first time buying from LVR, i hope they hold their word about no duties and taxes since it was already covered. grouper, err because we can? bawlin, check LVR and MMM eboutique..
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