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Hate all you want but we all know you used to mod over there... Honestly, I started on honestforum because I read some of your BS and it made me laugh. What is it you do on these forums anyway? I never see you trading shit or offering insightful advice anymore. It doesn't matter if you're on SF,DB,SuFu, or Jawnz they are all the same and if you can't spout your anger on an internet forum then where the fuck can you? Sorry for tainting this sale thread...
Just call it like I see it... I'm not going to sit here and sandbag my previous comments about SF and people on it but we all know there are entirely too many people on this forum offering opinions and advice without knowledge to back it up. PS - Thanks Cez for putting me on blast like that... Oh yeah and what's that waist measure on those UMCs?
Waist measurement on UMCs?
Up for sale a new pair of Nudie Thin Finn Crispy Crinkles in size 29x32. These are one of the best Nudie washes out there and with it's 65%/35% cotton to stretch blend it makes for the perfect skinny fit jean. These jeans retail at $249 but I made the mistake of losing the receipt so Barney's won't take them back. I'm asking $149obo. PM with any questions. Measurements are as follows: Waist - 15.5" Thigh - 10" Leg Opening - 6.5"
Looking for anything in trade? I could swing $375 max :/ Let me know what you think.
Just picked these up from a fellow denimblog member and unfortunately they are too big These jeans are one of the better looking 8SV washes I've seen and in mint condition. I'm asking $285 + shipping for these babies so let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Measurements: Waist - 15.6" Thigh - 10-10.25" Leg Opening - 6.5"
Bump to sell...
So I've finally decided to do a little downsizing on my closet of denim. Up for sale are some keystone and new styles from both Diesel and Dior. If you have any questions feel free to ask. All jeans are pre-owned but unwashed and treated like gold! I expect these will go pretty fast so please include a Paypal e-mail address in any offer e-mails. Thanks and enjoy! A) Dior '06 Dust Wash 19cm size 29 (Professionally tapered to fit like a 17.5cm) - $600 obo B) Dior...
iPhone sold.
I have a couple items up for sale because I'm in need of some cash. PM me if you're interested. I have a ton of references available if necessary on SuFu, HF, SF, and e-bay. All items are in great condition (Griffith Park and Good As new are NWT). Dior 'Good As New' jean - Size 28 (bas19) - $400 --- SOLD waist - 39.5cm thigh - 26.5cm hem - 17cm Dior 'Griffith Park' jean - Size 29 (bas19) - $350 waist - 38.5cm thigh - 26.2cm hem - 17.25cm Persol Aviators...
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