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Look up the Allen Edmonds Soho in cognac. It can be found on sites like amazon, ebay and other online circuits.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay A cobbler advised me to not use it many years ago because of how it builds up on the soles and how it can harm the uppers. I haven't touched it since then. +1
Will Smith's back in London? Dare I say, "Karate Kid II?"
I like both, but no. 1 is my favorite.
You've got to be fucking kidding me. This site gets more ridiculous every week.
Probably not significantly. If you don't like the torso, you need to buy a shirt that's more slim fitting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steeze Go try on a RLBL in 44L at Saks or a RL store. If it fits, there are a bunch on ebay last time I checked with buy it now prices around $500 or 600. Since you won't be paying tax cost will be the same as buying a $450-500 at retail. And you will be getting a beautiful, fully lined, fashion forward $1900 suit that is definitely SF approved. Provided it fits you....
Pass. Nice mix-and-match shoe trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris2 Nah. That was bigbris1. I figured since he isn't using his name & the avatar of his wife...what the hell? Now. You have something to say about longwings? Or do you like men? Ahhh. Your sig & avatar say it all. Thanks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Montauk I just picked up an otherwise nice pair of AEs that look like a lazy chimp applied the edge dressing. Anyone have any bright ideas how to clean this stuff off the uppers? You're now aware of a major reason for why I don't use edge dressing. I'd suggest sending an email AE or going into your local store. That will be your best bet. Who knows? Maybe they have a product that will work.
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