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Looking for a pair of Nike Inneva Woven Black US 8/8.5 or the NRG versions Seller must be willing to ship to Australia
Please explain... Saw this on tumblr, not sure but the other two look eerily like tojs
very interested. whats the lining on the inside??
very interested. whats the lining on the inside??
I know I'm going to cop a lot of flack for posting this fit, but I just also wanted show how my calf DR is wearing in (occasional wear since October), it's significantly softer now, creases are setting in well.
Has anyone had any luck coppin the inneva woven SPs? They've been selling like hot cakes off caliroots and endclothing
Strong photoshop willy. Suede BCDR gets more enticing by the day
Solid collection you got there mfluder. That suede BCDR.... Godammm!!!!
4zip moto looks amazing!! Silver zips are the way to go!
^ but I'm also bulking so I want to gain more muscle so should I tell charly this? Gun metal or silver zips?
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