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bump for cool seller
Payment sent for a small wallet. I'm also registering my interest for a navy suede Harrington
interested in buying a TOJ varsity in black/white (no raglan sleeves) or a suede A-1 in a 46/48. shoot me a pm, cash ready!
Count me in for the wallet and helmet bag!!
Up for sale is a used TOJ1 2011 in black/black size 46 with shortened lengths
elevator selfies
I agree that the gold hardware on a DR may be a bit too much, especially with the belt buckles.When I saw that hold hardware was available to order I went out on a whim and took a chance with it. Glad that I did though, extremely happy with how it turned out.Hope that the pics helps others make a more informed decision about hardware colours
quick fit pics of my black lamb moto with gold zips. the gold zips were definitely a nice touch to the jacket, truest colour of the hardware is in the last pic thanks again to the toj crew for definitely another next-level purchase, fit was spot on (click to enlarge) let me know what you guys think, appreciate the feedback
Quick snap of my moto with gold zips, will do it justice and post fit pics tomorrow when I have some more time The gold is pretty bright, not as dull as shown in the pic (had weird lighting in the room)
Yeah the jacket is still available to order until the end of cutoff, recently placed an order even after checking the tumblr post saying it was discontinued Also you should know that it now only comes with the optional half length placket and not the 3/4 length like in willy's fit. Suede name tag is also optional
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