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Early July order A2 arrived today. Will update with pics soon!! Didn't get tracking number this time as well so it definitely was a surprise
weird cos I ordered an a2 same time and still haven't received it
Roadrunner had the three new racer colourways for pre order http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/NIK1505/nike-flyknit-racer/
Trying to find a pair of flyknit for the girlfriend. Does anyone else know if they make flyknit racers smaller than a US mens 7? Thanks
Lamb ma-1 about 6 months in
bump for cool seller
Payment sent for a small wallet. I'm also registering my interest for a navy suede Harrington
interested in buying a TOJ varsity in black/white (no raglan sleeves) or a suede A-1 in a 46/48. shoot me a pm, cash ready!
Count me in for the wallet and helmet bag!!
Up for sale is a used TOJ1 2011 in black/black size 46 with shortened lengths
New Posts  All Forums: